Guruharpal Sing

Creating the strength to walk alone

We might be facing the biggest challenges in our lifetimes. Confusion, falsehood, division and impositions of power prevail around the public life nowadays. Many of us feel kind of lost, isolated and misunderstood, so I share the tools to develop individual strength, discipline and responsibility as key factors to be able to find meaning within our hearts, first and foremost, so we can provide support for others, based on our own commitment to love and service, and to keep the light on around us

Teacher's bio

I was born in Mexico and lived in many countries expanding my understanding of the human condition through different cultures. After practicing several Yoga styles for more than 8 years I started my Kundalini Yoga practice long ago and have been teaching it for the past 10 years. It has been the most powerful motivation, a beautiful gift, and a huge blessing. I am respectful of all my teachers and honoured to express the encounter of the different traditions and teachings in the practice I share