Arjan Nam Kaur

Deep Dive into your Happiness and Intuition

Workshop date: Monday, 1 August
Workshop date: Tuesday 2 August
Workshop date: Wednesday 3 August
Workshop time: Morning Workshop (11:30-13:30)

Your life becomes happy and it’s fulfilling itself, if you can trust your intuition. But what about all the doubts, the voice in your head and the judgement of others? And are you able to let your intuition guide you to the most fulfilling point of your live, to your purpose? Are you able to surrender into your inner voice? In the workshop we will bring shamanism, ancestor connection and Kundalini yoga together to create a trustful connection with your inner voice for a fulfilled and happy life

Teacher's bio

Since more than 10 years Arjan Nam with shamanism, ancestor healing and inner child work. In her work she guides people out of trauma into a happy and fulfilled life. Before she worked 20 years as a nurse and some years in ICU. She is a mother of a 25 old and grandmother of a 6 month old. Actually she is 50 years old and since 8 years she teaches Kundalini Yoga.