Har Nal

Divine Self or Ego Self – 7th @ 18h @ Clearing

Journey to parts of your soul that are lost in shadow, to reclaim and embrace the power and gifts that these aspects hold within them.
We will use Kundalini Yoga so our heart and mind can open to a higher vibration. So we honour what is; accept all that is and embrace what is without judgement. The 3 gateways of wisdom.
Once you have learnt this process you can repeat it to identify shadow aspects and bring them into the light. Being connected to the TRUE SELF is the TRUE POWER

Teacher's bio

Har Nal's connection to spirit led her 25 years ago to Kundalini Yoga and she has dedicated her life to it. She ran L1 trainings in London, Egypt, Estonia and France. For 8 years she created and managed courses at Le Martinet Ashram. She now lives and runs trainings from Glastonbury, as well as High Frequency courses with the Ascended Masters and Universal Rays. Her gift is finding the real issue so is also an exceptional Mentor.