Ada * Devinderjit

Gong for togetherness

Workshop date: Monday, 1 August
Workshop date: Tuesday 2 August
Workshop date: Wednesday 3 August
Workshop time: Afternoon Workshop (17:30-19:00)

The gong is a holy instrument and is considered one of the most powerful ways to heal in a state of trance. Multiple gongs, played in syncronicity and with the same intention, are an overwhelming experience. In the sound current, there is no duality; nothing can be false or be apart.
Let the waves of healing sound frequencies flow through you, clear and uplift you. Vibrate the frequency of our essence. Tune in, relax, trance-form and sense unity.

Teacher's bio

Ada Devinderjit is a naturopath for holistic psychotherapy in Hamburg and Malente, Germany. In Nanak Dev Singhs heritage she is practicing, teaching and also researching on White Sound Gong meditation. Devinderjit is happy to re-unite gong graduates for Wahe Guru! sound voyages. Born in 1970, she is also holds an MA in cultural anthropology and is mother of a 17-year-old son.