Rupinder Kaur

Gurmukhi Basics (The Guru’s Words)

Workshop date: Monday, 1 August
Workshop date: Sunday, 7 August
Workshop date: Tuesday 2 August
Workshop date: Wednesday 3 August
Workshop time: Morning Workshop (11:30-13:30)

Since it is very important to know the sounds before pronouncing the Kundalini Yoga Mantras and Japji Sahib in a correct way, so keeping this in mind we will focus on sounds. The class is all about Gurmukhi Basics, in which we will talk about the History of Gurmukhi and the Gurmukhi letter sounds.

Teacher's bio

Satnaam! I am a Gurmukhi and Punjabi conversational teacher based on Amritsar, Punjab India. I am a happily married women with a son of 5 years. I am a former teacher at Miri Piri Academy Amritsar and had served this beautiful place for more than 12 years. After the pandemic I started teaching online. It has been a wonderful experience to teach Gurmukhi Basics and correct pronunciation of Japji Sahib to the kundalini yoga students and kundalini yoga teachers all over the world.