Jiwan Shakti Kaur

Healthy, Happy, Holy Hormones!

Workshop date: Tuesday, 8 August
Workshop time: Evening (18:00 - 19:30)

The possibility of being Healthy, Happy, Holy is within us. Everything happens here and now, in our bodies. In the brain, through our biochemistry thanks to the Happy Hormones! In this workshop you will learn how the glandular system works and how the body shows it. By an individual test, you will discover the signals your body sends you, and learn how yogic changes in your lifestyle allow you to make a significant change to a richer healthy, happy, holy life. Be happy and make others happy too.

Teacher's bio

Jiwan Shakti is a KRI-certified Lead Trainer for Level 1, 2, and the 21 Stages of Meditation. Since our life on this planet is a human experience, the centre of her studies has always been the human body. From different angles, including body language and the proper use of the brain by controlling our biochemistry for reaching a Health, Happy, Holy life. A scientific approach combined with knowledge of KY and a great communicative talent led her to teach in Europe, North Africa, Latin America.