Ananda Das

Laugh your Mind Away

This workshop offers a safe space to be able to laugh, play, use the creative side of our brains and awaken our inner child-like nature. It is deep work with a lot of tools to take each individual through a journey inside and to release a lot of stuck emotions from past and to experience a state of No-Mind and to be able to Meditate and Relax completely.

In this workshop you laugh for absolutely no reason. You start looking at things from a funny point of view, with a great sense of humor.

Teacher's bio

Ananda Das is an Internationally Certified Kundalini Yoga Professor. His workshops and classes are very vibrant, heart opening and effective in creating deep silence and self-awareness within. He also studied and practices Meditations such as Vipassana and Diksha for many years and brings great depth, peacefulness, joy and spontaneity to his teachings. ​ He is also a Certified Professor of Laughter Yoga by Laughter Yoga University in India.