Sofia Seva Sukh Kaur

Life compass and navigation for a wonderful life

1. Emotional release. transforming pain past relationship , parents, many different individual situation, which locked and stocked in unconsciousness.

2. Cleaning of the past.( trauma….)
3. understanding and transforming the fears.
4. Awakening a new perspectives of value and a virtues .
5. Communication and relationship.
6. Caliber.
7. Self-esteem, self confidence, self reliance
8. Working with different techniques , yogic philosophies , yogic lifestyle.
9. numerology.
10. Love/ sex

Teacher's bio

I was born in Tallinn, Estonia and lived until 13 years old in Russia and Estonia. Since 1979, I live in Germany in Munich. I am holistic doctor, classical homeopath, Kundalini Yoga teacher, trauma therapist , Sat Nam Rasayen healer, mental coach, spiritual teacher….more Seva Sukh means who brings happiness and bliss , healing in hearts and peoples life. This is exactly what I am doing every minute, in my life to contribute to liberation of people true nature being Halsey, Happy and Holly!