Nam Hari Kaur

Living the Dharma path as women in today’s world

Developed in the form of a meditative exposition, each day I expose a part of the topic with different current visions within the 3HO community.
Each day is an invitation to the participants to present in a neutral and meditative way personal reflections that need to be expressed in the conscious context of a meeting of yoginis.

Teacher's bio

I am a leading trainer in ATA levels 1 & 2; also in the 21 Stages of Meditation. President of an NGO based in the city of León for the divulgation of KY, KK and Healing. We are collaborating partners with NGOs of public utility that work with people who have suffered gender violence and adult and child abuse. We also offer a Christmas Kirtan for the citizens of León. Creator of Yoga training for children, adolescents, families and people with functional diversity.