Prithi Nivas Kaur and Dass Shakti Kaur

Making Love to GOD

Workshop date: Sunday, 6 August
Workshop time: Morning (11:00-13:00)

This is an inclusive workshop exploring the female wisdom embodied in all genders.
The female nature is open, receptive and orgasmic. When we relax and let the world come, we become overflowing vessels of love.
There is a subtle penetrating frequency that vibrates internally and makes love to us, when we let go of control and sink into our body. Let us put aside shame! This workshop is a dance to receive the vulnerable intimacy of our humanness and to the pleasure of being whole and alive.

Teacher's bio

Prithi Nivas Kaur and Dass Shakti Kaur are founders of Artemisia - Temple of Wild Wisdom: a holistic mystical school of life based on yogic principles and the cyclical wisdom of nature. Their teachings are deeply rooted in the listening and intuitive remembering of ancient knowing. Their work is inspired by the cyclic wisdom of nature and based in the clear alignment of Kundalini Yoga.