Mata Mandir Singh

Sangat – Frequency- With mastery there is no mystery- Yoga in action

Workshop date: Monday, 1 August
Workshop date: Sunday, 7 August
Workshop date: Tuesday 2 August
Workshop date: Wednesday 3 August
Workshop time: Afternoon Workshop (17:30-19:00)

This 4 part workshop, starting with the theme of Sangat. The first class will expand on the subject of Simran as well as move to the subject of “Sangat” or Group Consciousness. We are a sangat and as we grow closer to experiencing our inner essence, that experience expands our love for others that vibrate the same frequencies. It doesn’t really matter what you believe. We all have various experiences that cause us to have differing opinions about any number of issues. “Sangat” is beyond all that. “Sangat” is the congregation of disciplined siblings of destiny and we vibrate together. 

  All classes will be conducted as “Veechar” meaning contemplation. In this case we will conduct a group contemplation. It will be an open discussion with questions, comments, critics, and disagreements freely allowed. Everyone is welcome to speak.

Second day: Frequency

The universe is made up of vibration. We are vibration, and we are pure consciousness. Everything else is “Maya”, the world of illusion. In this class we will practice distancing ourselves from our sensory inputs to experience our pure consciousness. 

Third day: With Mastery, there is no Mystery

All the wisdom of the universe is contained in the very prana that gives us life. It is through “ahamkara”, the ego sense, that we block the flow of wisdom and so live lives of illusion. To experience the Guru within us, the guiding force of intuition that beats in every heart, we must engage in a process of surrender, of letting go, rather than achievement. The ultimate wisdom of the reality of this universe goes back to our original theme “We are One in the Spirit.”  

Forth day:   The Yoga of Action 

It is easy to know the Truth. To live the Truth is our challenge. How can we live to the ultimate truths of the universe and continue to operate in society? We must not only survive but thrive,  and transform a society that is seemingly built not on human values and what is good for all but for profit only. We must overcome the divisions that artificially divide us as humans from each other, from our great Mother Earth and what appears as illusion to divide us from the very Creator of us all. In the midst of all this all this how can we enjoy life to its fullest while working in service to  the All in All. This is Yoga in action.

Teacher's bio

Mata Mandir Singh discovered Kundalini Yoga and the teachings of Guru Nanak back in the early 1970's. He has been a very imperfect practitioner of the teachings ever since and drifted off into the specialization in Naad Yoga the Yoga of Sound and became a minstrel in the Guru's court . He is the author of a New ebook called Naad Yoga -The Yoga of Sound and has a Youtube channel where he is collecting all of his new music as well as the content of the 35 cassette tapes and CD's recorded in the past. He is moving to Germany to be musical director of The guru Ram Das Aquarian Academy and is teaching both Western and Semi Classical Rag Kirtan both in person and by video. He is proficient in Guitar, Cittern, mandolin, Rabab , tabla , harmonium and Indian vocal training.