Sacred Geometry of the Soul – 6th @ 18h @ Temple

Workshop date: Sunday, 6 August
Workshop time: Evening (18:00 - 19:30)

Sacred Geometry is the key to unlocking Higher Dimensions of Awareness
By Changing Trajectory within the Crystal MaTrix

As seekers of truth progress along the spiritual path, there is an ever increasing abundance of discussion
concerning spiritual ascension to higher spiritual planes. But, what does that actually mean, exactly?
Is this just metaphorical, spiritual jargon or, is it actually based on accessing a higher dimensional reality?

Teacher's bio

Vardatta has 45 years experience in the spiritual arena, with decades spent in the Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism as a meditation trainer and, 27 years within the field of Kundalini Yoga, as a trained Karam Kriya Instructor, Consultant and Practitioner of the Healing voice. Whilst also integrating Satnam Rasayan his Massage Therapy. He’s also had a long career as a professional artist and designer for both theatre and interiors, incorporating Sacred Geometry throughout his work.