Nam Prakash Kaur

Partners in Exploring Life

3 "Life Focus Group" workshops for exploring this life together.
As a Kundalini teacher and Gestalt trainer I have been enchanted by listening to the stories I've heard from my people and how an individual's story speaks of the entire menu of human experience.
You will have space to tell and to listen to whatever is lapping up on our shores in the moment and, when it may enhance the enchantment of this experience, we may drop into some yoga or meditation for enhancing communication.

Teacher's bio

I have been blessed to come across two enchanting practices in this life, Kundalini Yoga and Embodied Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy. For 15 years I have practicing, teaching and, more recently, training teachers in these fields. I have found them to be not just a cure for symptoms of trauma I have suffered or a return to normality but also a path to living a life of attunement where I can engage more fully and satisfyingly with all aspects of myself and others. I'm looking forward to sharing!