Jagat Prem

Relax & Renew: Feel free and calm

Workshop date: Tuesday 2 August
Workshop time: Afternoon Workshop (17:30-19:00)

Feeling overwhelmed with all amazing choices this festival has to offer? Then come and join me for this relaxing, nourishing and fun workshop & create a little sanctuary in & for yourself.
After a short kriya and meditation we will explore our resting habits and embark on a little inner-journey to create a private sanctuary where you can turn to at any time, anywhere. We will end this workshop with a nourishing, deeply grounding yoga nidra practice with the sound ONG.

Teacher's bio

After living next to drugaddicts & mental ill people in squats in my teenage years, I came out miraculously well. Although I found myself in a tensed body, I have a quick mind, a talent for intuitive alignment & community building. Ever since I left the creative yet ragged squats I dedicated my life to supporting others find their innate healing capacities. Connecting to our 10 bodies deeply & finding personal practices will help living our lives with purpose, in love & Oneness.