Celine Dass Shakti Kaur

Sacred Sexuality – The orgasmic Woman

Workshop date: Tuesday 2 August
Workshop time: Afternoon Yoga & All Camp (14:00 - 16:00)

Through their cyclic nature, their moon phases and their ability to give birth, women have an innate relationship to their emotional body, to their inner waters, juices and pleasures.

The orgasmic woman embodies the sacred marriage with the Beloved – an intimate sacred relationship with her Soul, with the Divine or/and with her partner. The ability of the women to be in a constant orgasmic state expands far beyond her sexuality – it lies in her courage, vulnerability and receptivity.

Teacher's bio

As Yogini i especially support women to be Lighthouses for this world. The focus of the School for Holistic Living "Artemisia - Temple of Wild Wisdom" is the healing of women through yogic principles experienced in nature. Kundalini Yoga & Karam Kriya, as well as the wisdom of plants and sacred sexuality are the tools we are using to consciously contribute to the present times, strengthen community structures and provide the most nurturing soil possible for the next generations.