Sat Nam Rasyan International School

Sat Nam Rasayan – the Art of Healing @Big Top

Workshop date: Tuesday, 8 August
Workshop time: Morning (11:00-13:00)

The times are changing with technology and the frequency of the planet’s psyche. This series of three classes gives you an experience of your own presence, of the oneness of the flow of life and consciousness. There’s no recipe, no opinion, no complaint, it’s just experience. This are the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. When you had the experience, then you have it. You can go to school, have a master’s degree and all that will not work. What works is, if you feel it.

Teacher's bio

The school of Sat Nam Rasayan was founded in 1980 by Guru Dev Singh. His teacher Yogi Bhajan had asked him to open this healing tradition to the public. The International School of Sat Nam Rasayan is organized in various levels to deepen one’s own knowledge and experience. This year the Sat Nam Rasayan teachers at the festival are Deva Singh, Fateh Singh and Seva Kaur among others.