Sing Your Dharma with Pranamor

Through a powerful pranayama practice, we journey together to a high vibrational state of ecstasy where we feel liberated to sing our prayers and our dharma, followed by a kirtan celebrating our inner guru. This sacred space encourages brave self-expression and creative flow through the joy of toning, chanting, and listening to our collective voices. The theme for this session is to sing your prayer for living your dharma and pray for each others' dreams in service for this planet.

Teacher's bio

Fern Olivia (Ravi Priya Kaur) is a Kundalini Yoga instructor, vocalist and creator of the unique Embodied Voice Breathwork® method weaving pranayama with vocal activation. Stronger together, Fern Olivia, internationally acclaimed founder of Thyroid Yoga® and multi-instrumentalist Maxim Marlo share their passions for healing through breath, voice and soul. Pranamor is their musical duo known for their soulful, Kundalini mantra music and wisdom teachings, Ecstatic Mantra® dances and kirtans.