Govind Bhajan Singh

Strength of a Man : Speaking from the Unknown

Workshop date: Tuesday, 8 August
Workshop time: Morning (11:00-13:00)

Most times, we speak out of what we think we know. We lock people and ourselves into a very limited version of reality.
Here, we will see together how to turn around our communication. How can our words open up new doors, instead of removing possibilities? How can we be true to ourselves at every moment, and communicate only what is alive within us? For this we need a clear sense of who we really are, a deep connection to our perceptions, and an understanding of our subconscious strategies.

Teacher's bio

Govind Bhajan lives in the French Alps. He explores the depths of kundalini yoga through the specific angle of nāad yoga. KRI Level 1 and 2 certified, he is an associate teacher trainer in the school Ajai Alai Awakening. His focus goes to the meditative side of the tradition, through the learning and practice of Sat Nām Rasayan, exploring silence and sound as a way to connect to the core of the teachings. Father of a young son, he also released multiple mantra albums with his label GBS Records.