Dr. Adi Priya Kaur

Survival Technology

Workshop date: Monday, 1 August
Workshop date: Tuesday 2 August
Workshop time: Morning Workshop (11:30-13:30)
Working in emergency medicine as a doctor I have seen many more people with depression, anxiety, emotional overwhelm, digestive issues, insomnia, autoimmune issues, chronic inflammation, and chronic pains; especially after the pandemic. In medicine, we say vagus nerve is important and in Kundalini Yoga, we say it is VERY important. Why? It is because this is the key to your emotional, physical and psychological well-being. In the workshop, we will demystify vagus nerve and explore why Kundalini Yoga can help us repair our own nervous system via the vagus nerve, to restore their inner capacity for resilience and self-regulation. 

Teacher's bio

Dr. Adi Priya Kaur is a medical doctor and Level 1 and Level 2 KRI-approved Kundalini Yoga instructor and teacher trainer with the international Karam Kriya School. Her trainers include Shiv Charan Singh, Sukhdev Kaur, and Siri Sadhana Kaur. She is also a qualified Hatha yoga teacher. Adi Priya's passion is to bring Kundalini yoga and western medicine together to help people synchronize physically, mentally, and spiritually.