Simran Kaur

Safe Back Bends/ Front Bends 8th @ 11h @ Clearing

For many people practicing Bow, Camel or Cobra pose hurts the lower back, and they cannot do Wheel Pose. Please join me as we learn about the connection of bending forward and bending backward so you can grow yourself safely into these challenging Asana.

Teacher's bio

Simran a Kundalini Yogi all her life, teacher over 25 yrs, KRI Lead Trainer & Lead Trainer of Divine Alignment & The Heart Rules. She's an expert in the Asana, bandh's & alignment & has mastered many Meditations(1000days). GuruPrem is an Expert Teacher of Asana & Posture & author of 'Divine Alignment' & 'The Heart Rules’, was an Elite gymnast & multi-modality bodytherapist, he brings awareness to our movement to better sit, stand & move comfortably & consciously. Simran & GuruPrem are musicians.