Amrit Kaur

The Glorious Teacher and the Perfect Student

Workshop date: Monday, 7 August
Workshop time: Afternoon (14:00-16:00)
We will explore the dimensions of healthy & unhealthy relationships between students & teachers in an experiential way. How is our inner mission or neediness affecting the quality of these relationships? What are the signals to identify toxic tendencies in such a relationship? How can we seek inspiration or share it with others without manipulation and without creating dependency? How can we as teachers live up to the responsibility that comes from the power imbalance between teacher & student?

Teacher's bio

We are a group of experienced Kundalini Yoga teachers/trainers that seek to raise awareness on healthy student-teacher-relationships. This workshop is an official EPS workshop at this years European Yoga Festival. EPS is the Office for Ethics & Professional Standards. Amrit Kaur and Karta Purkh Singh, who will be leading the workshop, are members of the EPS Global Ethics Commission (GEC).