Ramdesh Kaur (Willemijn Maria) & Sat Atma Kaur (Iris)

The Path of The Sikh Dharma

Everyone has his/her own way on the Path of the Sikh Dharma, but essentially the destiny is the same. The destiny is to come to you Higher Consciousness/Enlightenment. The Path is the Dharma and the seeker is the Sikh. There are more ways of the Path of the Sikh Dharma.
By practicing (Kundalini) Yoga 24-13 we will take you on a journey to discover more of yourself. Some people will feel the difference and come to a deeper level in themselves.

Teacher's bio

As we developed ourselves as Kundalini Yoga teachers we met like-minded yogis and other spiritual people with whom together we could share and deepen our knowledge of the essence of yoga. From here a deepening followed of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and a collaboration has been developed from which the GURU NANAK Institute (www.guru-nanakinstitute.nl) was founded. We are part of the team of teachers of the GNI which offers a teacher training for those who are interested in yoga.