Céline Dass Shakti

The wisdom of our blood

Workshop date: Monday, 7 August
Workshop time: Evening (18:00 - 19:30)

An open council dedicated to the power of our blood, for all women to receive & share wisdom on moon blood practices. In our monthly bleeding we are holding space both for life to be birthed through us and for a constant renewal, for an inner death to be cherished. It is a precious inner alchemy of earth & water, to breathe into our living flesh and honor the inner rivers of our body temple. We initiate & remember being the keepers of the wisdom of the womb – now and for the generations to come.

Teacher's bio

“Wherever you are & whatever you do, be in love.” Rumi Yogini & tantrika, especially supporting women to awaken their self-healing forces through the inner wisdom of the body. My intention is to align on all levels with the intelligence of nature to remember the sacredness and wholeness that we are, to bring care into our present communities and relationships and to offer a nourishing ground to the next generations. Holistic school of life Artemisia (with Prithi Nivas Kaur): artemisiawisdom.com