Gian Mandeva Singh & Gian Mandeva Kaur

Vastu Shastra, the yoga of spaces

Taught/enseigné in English and/et Français.Vastu was born with the vedas, ancient texts from India, that also described yoga. The ancient builders were aware of the energy of the environnement. They knew how to channel it in order to build sacred places that recharge and elevate our bodies and soul. We will study Vastu through the scope of the human body, also taught in Kundalini yoga : animal – human – divine. We will share how we can make any place an uplifting temple for our body and soul.

Teacher's bio

Gian Mandeva Sing and Gian Mandeva Kaur are married and started teaching Kundalini Yoga 3 years ago. They are also architects and are practicing Vastu Shastra, the yoga of space.