Prem Kaur

Voice of the Heart

Workshop date: Sunday, 6 August
Workshop time: Morning (11:00-13:00)

Discover the power of your unique voice and connect with the depths of your heart and soul.
Explore the path to self-expression and authentic communication, gaining confidence and connecting with others. Prem’s gentle guidance, accompanied by her soft voice and various instruments, creates a nurturing environment for you to uncover your voice’s true potential and let your heart bloom.

"I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think." -Rumi-

Teacher's bio

Prem’s discovery of Kundalini Yoga sparked a profound transformation in her life. As a dedicated teacher and sacred music artist, she leads deeply empowering Yoga and singing circles that resonate with participants souls. Through mantras and heart songs, Prem’s voice creates moments of pure bliss and unity. Her workshops are a journey of liberation initiating the transformative power of human connection through sound.