Pranajio Karta Purkh and Dharma Singh

White Tantra in the eye of the storm

We want to welcome you to share, and discuss the history of White Tantra Yoga. How it all began in Europe. Dharma Singh shares out of the times when Yogi Bhajan tought in person. Maybe others are there who will also share. As Yogi Bhajan is involved in allegations people came up to us asking wether they should take part in the WTY. We want to give the opportunity to the sangat to share and understand different positions out of compassion. We will practice some warm ups and intense meditation.

Teacher's bio

Karta Purkh Kaur and Dharma Singh serve the sangat for 30 and 40 Years. They foundet the Pramajio Academy 8 years ago and meanwhile we are a wonderful small but lively Sangat of teachers and Trainers in Germany. Karta Purkh Kaur is a Karam Kriya consultant, Physiotherapist and Sozial worker Dharma Singh a owner of a funeralhome and Sozial worker and a Muscian. They introduced the Aquarian Tantric Meditation Circle last year at the Netherlands YF.