Kun Deva

White Tantric Treatments

I invite you to a deep relaxation to travel into your source. The journey starts with ecstatic Breathwork, toning healing frequencies, body mudras and a guided hypnotheraphy Session. In a state of shuniya I start with a technique called body striping to bring the life force energy through your whole system. I use Hot Stones and Body Cupping, Accupuncture points from chinese medicine, mayan abdominal massage 💆‍♀️ 💆‍♂️ and finish with craniosacral and reiki.

Teacher's bio

Daniela has a master degree in Latin American Studies (University of Vienna/Cartagena) and has immersed herself with ritual arts and indigenous cultures. She was taught by many ky teachers on her journey and developed a sense for medicine music and celebration of ritual and culture by dance and art. She creates workshops, events, seminars and transformational experiences for yoga festivals and brings her knowledge about healing and massages in an Individual setting and sacred space to events.