Simran Kaur

The Comfortable Seat – Asana 6th @ 11 @ Big Top

Workshop date: Sunday, 6 August
Workshop time: Morning (11:00-13:00)

From Divine Alignment & The Heart Rules: Learn how to correctly move your body, breathe & find a comfortable seat (Asana) in every posture
Practice Kundalini Yoga safely, sit with more ease!
Dig deep to understand where there is blocked energy in the body
Habitual patterns: how we move & how we talk to ourselves
Bring awareness to our fears, patterns habits, thoughts & behaviors & how they affect us now
Freedom to be our Sat Nam
Loving ourselves Now
Courage to look within
Live by Heart, not Head

Teacher's bio

Simran a Kundalini Yogi all her life, teacher over 25 yrs, KRI Lead Trainer & Lead Trainer of Divine Alignment & The Heart Rules. She's an expert in the Asana, bandh's & alignment & has mastered many Meditations(1000days). GuruPrem is an Expert Teacher of Asana & Posture & author of 'Divine Alignment' & 'The Heart Rules’, was an Elite gymnast & multi-modality bodytherapist, he brings awareness to our movement to better sit, stand & move comfortably & consciously. Simran & GuruPrem are musicians.