Nam Hari Kaur

Women creating the dharma in today’s world

It is in my interest to open a dialogue to share the change that has taken place in ourselves and in the environments we live in, with the aim of
*Consolidating what has kept us aligned with our higher self and Guidance
*To dispense with the attachments that have become crutches to walk the spiritual path
*Promote faith and walk in small and sure steps, recognising the origin of our previous steps and what needs to be left behind.
*To accept oneself without qualms, making an art in our life

Teacher's bio

ATA Leader Trainer in levels 1,2. Trainer of 21 stages of meditation. Creator of the Children's Yoga, Adolescence, Functional Diversity and Family Unity training. Creator of the Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, Stimulation, Relaxation and Balance Training. Leading trainer of Pre and Postnatal yoga in the Mother's Journey programme. President of the NGO Nam Anand for the Divulgation of Kundalini Yoga, Karam Kriya and Healing. Companion wife of Sjöerd Atma Dharam Singh. Mother of Roman Kamal Prem