Breakfast and dinner happen on the langar field with the whole camp (adults and children) together. The first few langar lines are for families and pregnant women, and children’s food will be served in these lines.

Breakfast (8:15, 8:00 on tantric days): oranges, bananas, zuppa soup (spicy potato soup). For children and pregnant women, there is also oat porridge (made with water, apple, banana) or millet porridge. We cannot guarantee that either is strictly gluten free (because they are prepared in a kitchen with other foods); so those with severe gluten allergies will need to supply their own food.

Please try to send your children to children’s camp with a full or semi-full stomach i.e. they shouldn’t be hungry when they arrive to camp.

Toddlers’/Children’s/Camp Meal Times are as follows:

  • Morning snack (10.00 am): fruit, rice crackers, served with peanut butter, tahini, jam and honey. There is also  juice and yogurt available.
  • Lunch (12.15 pm): The lunch time meal for children is a healthy one prepared by the kitchen. Pasta or other grain and vegetables (with tomato sauce) – hearty food that the children enjoy.
  • Snack (3.30 pm): Watermelon is also served each day.

Lunch on Tantric days: tantric salad, fruit, carrot sticks etc., yoghurt, rice crackers, and watermelon.

Please let us know if your child has any allergies or food intolerance.

Teens’ Camp Food

  • Breakfast/morning snack (10:15): (or rice crackers) and butter, marmalade, tahini, yoghurt and cream cheese as well as apple juice and fruits.
  • Lunch (13.00): healthy food prepared by the teens and served in Teens’ camp – e.g., pasta or other grain and vegetables (with tomato sauce).
  • Snack (3:30): Watermelon
  • Dinner is taken on the Langar field altogether with the rest of the camp.