3rd - 11th August 2024, Chateau de Jambville near Paris.


Recharge and unwind

A peaceful place

Welcome to the Red Tent, a peaceful place to rest and recharge. 
Here, you can relax, especially during your moontime or whenever you need a break.
It’s important for women to have a safe space to unwind.
We offer tea and refreshments to help you regain your strength. The Red Tent is open all day during festival hours.

Empowering Workshops and sharing circles in the Red Tent

Join us in the cozy Red Tent for inspiring workshops full of women’s wisdom on various topics.

Enjoy sisterhood through dancing, singing, creativity, and prayer!

In our sharing circles, women can connect, share their stories, and ask questions. We provide a safe space where every woman is welcome.


Yoni-steam experience

Enjoy a private Yoni steam, a purifying herbal bath for your womb. It helps release physical and emotional tension and grounds you. Not recommended for pregnant or menstruating women.

Bring your towel and read the instructions; our sevadars are happy to assist you. For deeper relaxation, lie down after the steam in your own tent or on the sheepskins in the Red Tent rest area.

This is an intimate gift to yourself!

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