3rd - 11th August 2024, Chateau de Jambville near Paris.

Terms & Conditions


The policies and the associated consequences stated below apply to everyone that visits The European Yoga Festival.

This policy is presented at the time of purchase. Full, partial payment, or the granting of free membership entry equals consent to the following terms. The policy is valid for fully paying members as well as members who pay a discounted fee, both partially discounted and entirely.

  • There is strictly no alcohol, drugs or tobacco permitted anywhere on the grounds of The European Yoga Festival.
  • The European Yoga Festival site has a very old oak forest, which is precious for us and for the planet. Therefore, we strictly prohibit anyone to use fire in any form, for example cooking, ceremonies or campfire. Furthermore, no open fires are allowed on the entire property (including inside tents), including barbecues, campfires, fireworks, lanterns, candles.
  • It is the parents’ full responsibility to keep their children safe on all areas of the property.
  • No nudity is allowed. We want to make The European Yoga Festival child-friendly and respect all cultures and walks of life. Therefore, we have decided not to practice nudity in the public areas.
  • Please keep your dogs or other pets at home.
  • The European Yoga Festival holds the right to expel people who hinder the harmony of the events, the community, neighbourhood or the surrounding nature, without giving any pre-warnings or explanations, and will not be liable for a refund of the festival ticket. Any abusive or violent behaviour towards anybody at any time is not tolerated at the festival.
  • Please keep The European Yoga Festival clean and neat for everyone to enjoy. All waste must be disposed of in the bins provided.
  • The European Yoga Festival is a children-friendly place. Parents are responsible for their children during their entire stay at The European Yoga Festival.
  • Bring your festival ticket (QR code, printout or digital copy) to the entrance along with your photo ID to collect your wristband.
  • Wristbands must be worn during the entire time spent at the festival.
  • The line-up of artists, teachers, speakers and the festival schedule are subject to change. The European Yoga Festival reserves the right to cancel, replace or add workshops on short notice.
  • We recommend to not bring valuable belongings to the festival.

Acknowledgment of Risks

Participation in The European Yoga Festival (hereinafter referred to as the “Event”) involves various risks, including, but not limited to, personal injury, property damage, and other losses associated with attendance at the Event. Activities may include (but are not limited to) physical exertion, contact with other participants, and exposure to disease and outdoor elements. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, I acknowledge and accept the risks involved.

Assumption of Risk

I hereby express my understanding and agreement that my participation in the Event is voluntary and at my own risk. I assume full responsibility for any and all risks of bodily injury, death, or property damage arising out of or related to my participation in the Event, whether foreseen or unforeseen.

Release and Waiver of Claims

In consideration of being permitted to participate in the Event, I, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, assignees, and successors in interest (collectively referred to as “Releasors”), hereby release, waive, discharge, and covenant not to sue 3HO Europe, its board members, officers, employees, contractors, volunteers, agents, and any other participants (collectively referred to as “Releasees”) from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, and causes of action whatsoever directly or indirectly arising out of or related to any loss, damage, injury, disease or death that may be sustained by me, my children, or any property belonging to me while participating in or traveling to or from the Event.

Medical Treatment

In the event of an injury or medical emergency, I hereby give permission for Event staff or designated medical personnel to initiate medical treatment and to admit me to a hospital if necessary. I agree to be responsible for all costs associated with such medical care and transportation.

Photo/Video Release

I understand that during the Event, I may be photographed or videotaped. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, I grant 3HO Europe the right to use such photographs and videos for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content, without compensation to me.

Acknowledgment of Understanding

I have read this Personal Injury Waiver and Release Form, fully understand its terms. I acknowledge that I am signing the agreement freely and voluntarily, and intend by my acceptance of these terms and conditions for it to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law.



Our currency is the EURO. Our system accepts most bank- and international credit cards.

If, The European Yoga Festival cancels your booking or if you as a participant cannot join as planned, the following applies:

    Up until 30 days before the event’s starting date you can cancel your membership and get a partial refund: minus €100 administration fee per adult and €50 per child.
    Within the 30 days before the event’s starting date you can cancel your membership and get a partial refund: minus 50% of your membership price for the administration fee.
    If you cannot attend the event due to illness and have a valid doctor’s confirmation you receive a full refund, minus €20 admin fee. Note: Once the event has started, no refunds are made.
    Once the event has started, no refunds are made. This applies also after check-in if you should fall ill or for any reason you cannot stay for the full event.
    Once a membership is purchased, it cannot be changed to another membership category where the change leads to a refund being required, e.g. from full-festival membership to a WTY only ticket . If you wish to change your membership in this way, the regular cancellation policies apply and you can make a new order. If you wish to increase the membership amount please send an email to info@3ho-europe.org
    In the unlikely event that The European Yoga Festival cancels your booking, you will receive a full refund. We intend to communicate any decision to cancel the event at least 14 days in advance, with a reservation that unforeseen circumstances may prevent us from doing so.
    It is your responsibility to do what you can to minimise the risk of infecting others. The European Yoga Festival expects you to cancel your participation if you, close to the event (or during the event itself) know, or have a valid reason to believe, that you are carrying a contagious virus. We refer to strong symptoms of for example stomach flu, influenza or COVID-19 here, diseases that may cause an immediate health risk for other participants. Our recommendation is that you purchase refundable tickets for your travel to The European Yoga Festival. Under no circumstances, such as the event being cancelled, does The European Yoga Festival cover or reimburse any costs you may have for travels or insurance. If your journey here is cancelled or if you cannot join due to travel restrictions within France or internationally, the above policy still applies.


Making a booking with us equals consent to our Personal Data Policy (as follows):

It is important for us that you as a member feel safe around the way The European Yoga Festival handles your personal data. Our focus is to give all customers the best service possible; this requires that we have access to the following information about you: name, address, date of birth, phone number and email address. It will be handled discreetly.

You have always the full right to know the data that we have collected from you, as well as to revise and correct them as needed.

Once we have delivered our service to you (the event is fully paid and completed), you can request at any time to be removed from our system.



All activities at The European Yoga Festival are based on a drug and alcohol-free environment. This means that guests and residents must not consume or be under the influence of alcohol and drugs in the whole area of The European Yoga Festival.

A person under the suspected influence of alcohol or drugs can be asked to leave immediately by the management team or a person appointed by the management.

All substances which are consumed in any form that are intended to alter one’s state of consciousness, and that are not prescribed by a licensed physician, are prohibited. For example but not limited to, ayahuasca, cannabis and tobacco.

It is also prohibited to promote the above substances to people on site at The European Yoga Festival (including volunteers, guests and participants).
 Non-alcoholic beer and wine are not allowed to be consumed in The European Yoga Festival.


Unless you specifically ask to be excluded from this part of our communication with our previous and current participants, you can expect us to get in touch with you, to share about the events in 3HO. You can opt in and out of our newsletter at any time. Information on how to register or opt out you can find in the newsletter.


It is not allowed to film or photograph during the workshops and no audio or video recording during Sadhana. It is also not allowed to film or photograph any children, or young people under the age of eighteen (18), without the express consent of their parents or guardians.

Feel free to photograph or film on the site or during the concerts, yet respect no photos or filming in The European Yoga Festival residential, camping, washroom, or childrens areas.
We would appreciate it if you shared your positive European Yoga Festival experiences with us or with your friends and family, through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

The European Yoga Festival’s own photographers take the pictures and movies needed to share The European Yoga Festival and other events. The European Yoga Festival will use any footage only for the purpose of promotion of the events which you have enjoyed, so more people can be inspired to join with you next time.


As a visitor in The European Yoga Festival you are solely responsible for your personal belongings at all times.

During the actual event, The European Yoga Festival will support you in retrieving any lost items by setting up specific “Lost & Found”-labelled boxes. Lost and found ‘Valuables’ such as wallets, digital devices, keys and similar items are kept at the information booth and can be reclaimed by their rightful owner. Unclaimed valuables will be retained by the festivals for a period of time and eventually disposed of or sold if they remain unclaimed.

Please reclaim and hand in lost valuables at the reception.
We recommend to not bring valuable belongings to the festival.
Please be aware that The European Yoga Festival does not take any responsibility for personal belongings.

White Tantric Yoga on 7th, 8th and 9th August 2024

I, as participant in the White Tantric Yoga® event agree to the following points:

1. The oral, visual and written presentations at this workshop are the intellectual property of Humanology and Health Science, Inc. and copyright protected. Any reproduction, transmission, recording or distribution in electronic or mechanical form without prior written permission of Humanology and Health Science is not permitted.

2. The exercises are part of a self-contained process. A practice or the teaching of these exercises outside of this course is not permitted.

3. Participation in the event is at your own risk. Participants have to pay attention to their own well-being and that of other participants. You have the possibility of interrupting exercises at any time and or leaving the event if necessary.

4. You must take care of your personal property during the event. This applies especially for valuables and personal belongings. In case of possible loss any replacement is excluded.

5. 3HO Europe and Humanology and Health Science, Inc. reserve the right to exercise their rules refuse people to enter the property or even remove them from the premises

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