EYF is no ordinary festival... we need YOUR help!

What is seva?

Seva, or selfless service, lies at the heart of our festival. It’s the spirit of “karma yoga” in action. We’re calling on participants like you to contribute around 2 hours of your day, lending a hand with tasks ranging from washing dishes to chopping vegetables.

Why do seva?

These tasks are the heartbeat of our festival, allowing us to keep our prices low and accessible to all. But beyond economics, seva is about embracing the essence of yogic life—doing for others without expecting anything in return. It’s a chance to transcend our own needs and serve the greater good, which is the essence of karma yoga (seva).

Feedback from previous festivals tells us that seva is the highlight of the festival for many. It’s where friendships blossom, where bonds are forged in service and shared experiences. Joining our seva team isn’t just about lending a hand; it’s about becoming part of a supportive community, growing together, and creating memories that last a lifetime.

How do you do seva?

When you register, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your desired seva task for the week. Alternatively, let the universe guide you, and we’ll assign a task for you.

You’ll receive details about where and when to meet for your seva duties—it’s essential that you attend these meetings, as they’re integral to the festival experience.

If you have any physical limitations, please let us know during registration. While seva tasks may change, we’ll always seek your permission before making any adjustments.

Ready to be part of something special? Sign up for seva today together with the purchase your ticket and be a vital part of EYF’s magic!

What do the languages mean?

Seva groups are traditionally organised by language, allowing you to meet people from your country or who speak your language. We gather every morning to share experiences, organise seva tasks, and bond.


Join the crew preparing Tantric meals, the star of our lunch during tantric.


  • Work Times: 7:00 PM (from the day before White Tantric Yoga®).
  • Meeting Point: Kitchen Area.
  • Tip: Bring an apron for a tasteful experience!

Please choose a seva for me!

We will allocate a seva to you according to your language.

Cleaning the bathrooms & toilets on site
The humblest seva of the festival

Times for work and seva group meetings will be added shortly.

Culinary Maestros Team

Crucial for all meal and snack preparations, this team engages in a unique culinary sadhana.


  • Languages: English, German, French.
  • Work Times: 6:00 AM (4:00 AM during Tantric) – alternate days.
  • Meeting Point: Veggie chopping area near the kitchen.
  • Note: Bring an apron and clothes you don’t mind getting a bit dirty.

Wake-Up Song Crew

Join us on a musical adventure!

This vibrant team kicks off each day with an enchanting Wake-Up song, motivating everyone for early morning sadhana. Their tunes continue to uplift spirits during Veggie Chopping Seva.


  • Languages: International (English)
  • Work Times: 3:45 AM, beginning August 6th
  • Meeting Point: Sadhana Stage

Join the rhythm to energize the Festival mornings.

Task: Take care of the bins, recycling and waste around the site

Gurdwara Harmony Helpers

Be part of the special Gurdwara service , assisting with foot washing, maintaining Gurdwara cleanliness, distributing shabd sheets, and serving prashaad.


  • Languages: International (English)
  • Work Times: Flexible – Confirm with Misl Leader
  • Meeting Point: Gurdwara

Join in to create a sacred space together.

Langar Field Feast: Mung Beans & More!

Join the team serving up delightful mung beans & rice, vegetables, and salad at the Langar field. A tasty experience awaits you!


  • Languages: International (English), German
  • Work Times:
    • Regular Days: 4:00 PM
    • Tantric Days: Immediately after Tantric concludes
  • Meeting Spot: Kitchen


Savor the flavors and contribute to the culinary magic at the Langar field!

Tea Delight Team

Serving up Yogi Tea and Golden Milk on the serene sadhana field.


  • Language: French.
  • Work Times: 6:00 PM (after dinner on Tantric days).
  • Meeting Point: By the big trees near the sadhana field.

Watermelon Wizards Team

This dynamic team handles the slicing and serving of our refreshing midday watermelon snack, even on Tantric days.


  • Language: French.
  • Work Times: Cutting – 8:30 AM (7:00 AM during White Tantric Yoga®), Serving – 1:30 PM.
  • Meeting Points: Kitchen area for chopping, Big Top for serving.
  • Note: Don’t forget to bring an apron for this juicy task!

Dinner Delight Team

Join the crew crafting and serving the Special Dinner on Peace Prayer Day, plus assisting with daily Dinner Clean-up. Language: International (English).


  • Work Times: Daily 5:00 PM; Peace Prayer Day 9:00 AM; Dinner service at 4:00 PM in the Gazebo.
  • Meeting Point: Kitchen area (daily), Gazebo (on Peace Prayer Day).
  • Tip: Bring an apron for the culinary adventure!

Looking after the Red Tent – the hub for womens teachings and care

This team of men will take care of the blue tent and the dinner clean up
Some heavy lifting involved in cleaning the big pots

Please opt for this seva if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as it will exempt you from daily festival tasks.

Langar Field Delights

Serving solstice soup and fresh oranges/bananas at the Langar field. Feel the joy and maybe even join in for the Spanish soup song!


  • Languages: Latin American & Spanish
  • Work Times:
    • Regular Days: 7:30 AM at the Kitchen
    • Tantric Days: 6:30 AM
  • Meeting Spot: Langar field

Join us for a flavorful journey and a touch of Spanish melody if you’re in the mood!

Post-Breakfast Cleanup Crew: Keeping It Tidy!

Join the crew in washing big pots and recycling orange and banana crates after breakfast. It’s a vital task to maintain our eco-friendly vibe.

Language: Russian
Work Times:
– Regular Days: 8:30 AM
– Tantric Days: 7:30 AM

Meeting Spot: Kitchen

Consider bringing an apron.

Make your mornings count by contributing to a clean and green environment!

Join the toddler camp seva and help us care for the youngest ones at the festival!

Youth Camp Team

Calling all parents and kid-at-heart volunteers!

Experience the joy of seva at the Youth Camp, whether you have little ones attending or just want to join the youthful fun.


  • Languages: International and German.
  • Work Times:
    • One full day on non-White Tantric Yoga ® days: 10 AM – 4:30 PM.
    • White Tantric Yoga® days: 8:00 AM until the finish of White Tantric Yoga ®, potentially until 8:00 PM.
  • Meeting Point: Relevant camp area.

Embracing Karma Yoga, The Art of Seva – Selfless Service

“In the realm of spiritual growth, Karma Yoga (seva) emerges as the sublime art of achieving union through dedicated yet unattached action. At its essence, it beckons individuals to undertake actions devoid of any expectation of recompense, be it power, money, or respect.

This unique approach involves executing all actions with a profound sense of detachment, aiming to eliminate negative reactions to past deeds, whether they unfolded in this present life or in the tapestry of previous ones. While the implications may transcend immediate verification, our focus here pertains to physical labor and service.

In a sense, Karma Yoga shares common ground with acts of charity, yet it distinguishes itself by steering clear of the accumulative sense of debt and dependency that often accompanies traditional notions of charity. It invites us to engage in service with a spirit of benevolence, free from the weight of obligation, fostering a transformative journey toward selflessness and harmony.”

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