White Tantric Yoga

Three days of White Tantric Yoga®

A unique opportunity to connect with your essence at the European Yoga Festival 2024

Awaken Your Spirit

Are you ready to unlock a transformative experience? Dive into a journey of self-discovery and spiritual renewal during three days of White Tantric Yoga® at the European Yoga Festival.

White Tantric Yoga® isn’t just any meditation practice. It’s a group meditation performed in pairs, where you’ll sit face-to-face with a partner and follow guided meditation instructions that are set to be deeply transformative.

Through White Tantric Yoga®, you can experience profound breakthroughs, enhancing mental focus, reducing stress, and igniting a renewed sense of energy and purpose.

Don’t miss this opportunity to let go, renew, and refresh your spirit.

Join for the full 8-day Festival or just for White Tantric Yoga®


Deepening connections

White Tantric Yoga® is a form of Tantra Yoga rooted in Kundalini Yoga. A profound group meditation practice, White Tantric Yoga can release deep subconscious blocks and promote healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

Guided by videos recorded in 1986 by Yogi Bhajan, this practice facilitates a connection to the subtle body, strengthening a sense of connection with others and with the infinite.

Meditate, chant, and share the experience with hundreds of like-minded souls, motivating and supporting each other through this transformative journey.


Strengthen your connection with the universal consciousness.


Join a community that motivates and supports growth, fostering balance, clarity, and inner strength.


Engage in practices that heal body, mind, and soul.


White Tantric Yoga, is a form of Tantra Yoga. It is a profound group meditation practice rooted in Kundalini Yoga, designed to release deep subconscious blocks and promote healing of the body and soul. Don’t let the anticipation of a full day of sitting cross-legged deter you – the benefits are extraordinary.

White Tantric Yoga® challenges you with various Kundalini meditations, each offering unique benefits. Guided by Yogi Bhajan through pre-recorded videos, the practice involves partner interactions, for example pressing the tip of the index finger to your partner’s third eye, sitting in kundalini lotus, and chanting mantras. Despite the challenges, it’s a fascinating and transformative experience, magnified by the power of group consciousness.

White Tantric Yoga® facilitates a connection to the subtle body (Universal Consciousness), allowing participants to grow in consciousness. The practice, offered by Humanology and Health Science, Inc., follows a system set by Yogi Bhajan. Video workshops, created in 1986, provide a guided experience consistent with Yogi Bhajan’s intentions for White Tantric Yoga®.

Envision the energy of the universe as parallel and perpendicular, creating a powerful energetic field in the form of a diagonal, or ‘Z.’ Facilitated by trained individuals following Mahan Tantric’s format, this field cuts through subconscious blocks. Unlike black or red tantric, White Tantric Yoga uplifts consciousness, expands perception, and offers a deep transformative meditative practice that extends into daily life.

  • Enhanced mental focus and concentration. Stress reduction and relaxation.
  • Improved emotional resilience and stability.
  • Deepened self-awareness and mindfulness.
  • Strengthening of the mind-body connection.
  • Cultivation of a sense of purpose and direction.
  • Increased energy and vitality, and a sense of renewal
  • Fostering a sense of interconnectedness with others and the universe.
  • Development of a heightened sense of intuition.

White Tantric Yoga® provides a unique and powerful experience that stands apart from other meditation and spiritual practices. The shared journey creates a sense of community among like-minded individuals. The collective energy generated during the sessions is not only inspiring but also serves as a supportive force, fostering a shared commitment to growth and well-being. The group energy becomes a source of inspiration, helping you stay motivated on your transformative paths. There truly is nothing else like the spirit that White Tantric Yoga cultivates. You can expect a unique and powerful experience that goes beyond conventional practices. White Tantric Yoga fosters balance, clarity, inner stability, strength, and a transformative sense of neutrality. This experience promotes compassion and leads to the realisation that divinity resides within, bringing about a profound understanding of your eternal nature.

White Tantric Yoga® is presented through the presentation of a series of videos facilitated by a facilitator. The videos connect practitioners to the lineage of White Tantric Yoga. They establish a crucial link to The Mahan Tantric, ensuring the integrity and power of the practice. The videos that deliver the White Tantric Yoga experience and the teachings of White Tantric Yoga are rooted in purity and upliftment. These videos have been experienced all over the world for over 35 years and have garnered thousands of testimonies attesting to experiences of transformation, neutrality, heart-centered love, gratitude and joy. The intention behind making these courses was to clear subconscious blocks and promote positive internal shifts. Although Yogi Bhajan, the Mahan Tantric, was a tantric master, this practice is not about him. The focus is about your internal experience and your personal journey within.

White Tantric Yoga® is done in pairs as a group meditation. You sit facing a partner and follow instructions for meditation given on video. A workshop facilitator will be present to facilitate White Tantric Yoga®. The facilitator’s role is one of ensuring the methodology given is carried out, and helping participants maximise their experience.

Each workshop consists of between six and eight kriyas. A kriya is a meditation incorporating:

  • a yoga posture (asana)
  • a hand position (mudra)
  • a breathing technique (pranayama)
  • a mental focus and/or a mantra


Sometimes the kriyas are accompanied by music. These Kriyas vary in length up to sixty-two minutes. There are breaks in between each Kriya.

The environment is peaceful, and the atmosphere is friendly, supportive, and uplifting. A vegetarian lunch is provided.

* Limited Essentials!

* Water, Yogitea and fruit are provided at the festival venue. A vegan lunch is included.

* Place your bag on the side of the venue as it cannot remain by your mat due to limited space between the rows.

* Wear white clothing in layers made of natural materials, covering your entire head.

* Non white clothing is not be accepted during White Tantric Yoga®, light coloured clothes and headcovers are for sale at the bazar.

* Bring a sheepskin or blanket to sit on, along with meditation cushions and bolsters if needed for comfort on the floor.

* Carry a water bottle or thermos.

* Opt for light colours for your blanket, cloth, cushion, etc.

You can practise White Tantric Yoga® while sitting on a chair. If sitting on the ground for a long time is uncomfortable or painful, both you and your partner will take part while seated in chairs, which will be provided by the venue.

White Tantric Yoga is done in pairs, but you don’t need to bring a partner. There’s a special spot near the White Tantric Yoga venue where solo participants gather, and it’s common for people to find partners in the days leading up to the European Yoga Festival.

During White Tantric Yoga® it is mandatory to wear white head covering, preferrably made from natural fibres– whether it’s a cap, bandana, or turban, it’s all good. This headcover protects your crown chakra from the strong energy during White Tantric Yoga. Make sure your hair is fully covered. If you don’t have one, no worries! Simple cotton headcovers are provided during the European Yoga Festival.

There are sevadars and fellow yogis to support you throughout the day. Monitors are present to hold your place in line if you need a break, ensuring the energy flow remains uninterrupted. Relax and savour the experience, where it is perfectly fine to release the energy through a laugh or a tear and go back to the practise.

White Tantric Yoga® is tailored for individuals who appreciate discipline, structure and transformative experiences that lead to personal growth. It is for those seeking to cultivate qualities such as grit, strength, renewal and equilibrium, in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Participating in White Tantric Yoga® has no specific requirements. If you’re joining for the first time, simply connect with your own energies and welcome a deep, sometimes challenging meditative experience. Seasoned practitioners will enhance their understanding and explore new avenues toward spiritual awareness.

For those uncomfortable sitting on the ground for an extended period, chairs are available. Your partner, if you have one, will also be seated in a chair. If you’re uncertain about joining, feel free to reach out and ask any questions!

There’s no minimum age requirement for White Tantric Yoga®. However, participants, including non-adults, should have the desire to join the workshops, understand their nature, and be able to sit and meditate. It’s essential to recognize that everyone in White Tantric Yoga® is considered a sovereign student, not a child of a parent.

Pregnant women can participate before seven months, following the same limitations as in other Kundalini Yoga practices. Workshops are open to everyone without prerequisites. Beginners are encouraged to connect with their inner energies and embrace a profound, at times challenging meditative experience.

Women menstruating can participate in White Tantric Yoga®, observing similar limitations as in other Kundalini Yoga practices. There’s no restriction on the number of workshops one can attend in a year – participants can engage in as many as they’d like.

Participating in a day of White Tantric Yoga® meets the official criteria for the KRI Level One Teacher Training Program. Your receipt from the festival, including White Tantric Yoga®, can be used to contribute to your Level 1 certification.

The day typically starts around 7 am. We all find our spots, then begin with a warm-up session. Workshops start around 8:30 or 9 am and last between 32 to 61 minutes, including meditations. After each meditation, there’s a short break. Lunch break lasts about 90 minutes and features a special tantric burger. It’s a time to rest and gather energy for the afternoon sessions. On the third day, the workshop is usually shorter and ends with a blind walk to ground yourself and connect to your experiences.

In July, before the festival, we will offer an online preparation course with Q&A sessions in collaboration with 3HO Europe.

White Tantric Yoga® is a registered trademark of Humanology and Health Science Inc.

If you want to know more about how the practice works, please visit the White Tantric Yoga® website

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