3rd - 11th August 2024, Chateau de Jambville near Paris.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ticket Related

Yes, tickets can be purchased onsite. However, we strongly recommend buying tickets in advance online to ensure a smoother and more seamless registration process. Onsite card payments are also preferred.

No, but you can buy tickets for White Tantric Yoga days only, as well as tickets for the entire festival.

Registration – European Yoga Festival

Yes, you can buy your ticket here. The White Tantric Yoga® days are August 7, 8, 9th

Yes, but there will be an additional 10% charge on the website listed price, and you will only be able to pay by card.

Your ticket grants you entry to the site, access to morning sadhana, all festival workshops, activities, evening concerts and experiences, including 3 days of white tantric yoga from August 3rd to August 11th. Included is a tent space, accommodation is available at extra cost. Also included are daily meals, consisting of a breakfast soup and fruit, a fruit snack, and kicharee & veg dinner, and evening yogi tea / milk.
Please note, if you plan to arrive earlier on site, you need to be enrolled in work preparing the festival, and accommodation arrangements need to be made separately.

Seva, or selfless service, is integral to our festival. It helps keep prices low and fosters spiritual growth. Choose your task when you register or let us assign one. Attend seva meetings for instructions and bonding with others from your country or language group. Learn more about seva  Seva (Selfless Service) – European Yoga Festival

Eating a simple, balanced diet supports both body and mind.
The festival diet consists of a breakfast soup and fruit, a fruit snack, and kicharee & veg dinner, and evening yogi tea / milk.
On White Tantric Yoga Days there is an additional kitchereelunch and quinoa salad dinner.
All meals are fully vegetarian, gluten-free, and made from 100% organic ingredients, and we provide non-spicy and dairy-free options. Toddlers, children & teens have a separate more diverse menu.
On the final day, a special meal is served.

The Olympics might affect your travel plans. We advise booking your travels as soon as possible to avoid extra costs, as prices for both travel and accommodation near Paris may rise closer to the Olympics.

Click here to view an interactive map for updates on how the Olympics may impact public transportation to and from Paris.

The festival food is healthy and nourishing, but feel free to bring extra snacks for your kids and yourself, especially if you have allergies. Please do not bring alcohol or meat.
There are no shops walking distance to the site, the nearest village is 25 mins walk away.
Please be discrete, eating outside food can be off-putting for other attendees on the diet. 

We welcome pregnant & breast-feeding mothers with open arms.
This year we are even offering discounted memberships.
You won’t be asked to do any seva (selfless service), so choose ‘breastfeeding’ as your contribution when registering.
You’ll find a comfortable and quiet space for resting and feeding in the Red Tent.

We’d love to have you teach or perform at the festival. Please visit this page [link to page]  for updates; registration for teaching or performing will open soon.

Seva – All attendees are invited to participate in approx 2 hours of selfless service to contribute to the running of the festival.
Work exchange – Anyone wishing to contribute more can apply for a work exchange, giving 4 – 8 hours a day for the festival per day in exchange for 25, 50 or 100% discount off the festival membership.

We invite you to showcase and sell your goods, books, food, drinks at the thriving festival bazaar. You can register as a vendor by applying on this page Bazaar – European Yoga Festival

There are several ways to support the festival:

  • Make a donation through Paypal
  • Like and share our posts on Social Media Facebook & Instagram

Yes, you can get a discount by contributing your time, effort and skills to the festival by applying for one of our many work exchange roles on the website  Work Exchange – European Yoga Festival

If, The European Yoga Festival cancels your booking or if you as a participant cannot join as planned, the following applies:

    Up until 30 days before the event’s starting date you can cancel your membership and get a partial refund: minus €100 administration fee per adult and €50 per child.
    Within the 30 days before the event’s starting date you can cancel your membership and get a partial refund: minus 50% of your membership price for the administration fee.
    If you cannot attend the event due to illness and have a valid doctor’s confirmation you receive a full refund, minus €20 admin fee. Note: Once the event has started, no refunds are made.
    Once the event has started, no refunds are made. This applies also after check-in if you should fall ill or for any reason you cannot stay for the full event.
    Once a membership is purchased, it cannot be changed to another membership category where the change leads to a refund being required, e.g. from full-festival membership to a WTY only ticket . If you wish to change your membership in this way, the regular cancellation policies apply and you can make a new order. If you wish to increase the membership amount please send an email to info@3ho-europe.org
    In the unlikely event that The European Yoga Festival cancels your booking, you will receive a full refund. We intend to communicate any decision to cancel the event at least 14 days in advance, with a reservation that unforeseen circumstances may prevent us from doing so.
    It is your responsibility to do what you can to minimise the risk of infecting others. The European Yoga Festival expects you to cancel your participation if you, close to the event (or during the event itself) know, or have a valid reason to believe, that you are carrying a contagious virus. We refer to strong symptoms of for example stomach flu, influenza or COVID-19 here, diseases that may cause an immediate health risk for other participants. Our recommendation is that you purchase refundable tickets for your travel to The European Yoga Festival. Under no circumstances, such as the event being cancelled, does The European Yoga Festival cover or reimburse any costs you may have for travels or insurance. If your journey here is cancelled or if you cannot join due to travel restrictions within France or internationally, the above policy still applies.

You can arrive on August 3rd from 2pm onwards. The first meal is served at around 6pm. Please do not arrive before the 3rd August unless you are enrolled in a work exchange team.

1 Rue des Tilleuls, 78440 Jambville, France

Yes, you can bring your bike, but bike rentals are not available on-site.

No, fires are not allowed anywhere on site, unless organised by the festival.

Unfortunately, pets are not permitted within the festival site.

No, there is no cash withdrawal on site, but you can withdraw cash in nearby villages. Most bazaar sellers and healers offer card payment options.

Festival tickets can only be bought online by card. On-site, you can pay by card or cash at most bazaar sellers and healers.

Many in the community wear a turban to maintain a meditative state and protect the crown chakra. It is by no means mandatory.
During White Tantric Yoga sessions and in the Festival Gurdwara you will be asked to cover your head. 

Master of Kundalini Yoga and Spiritual Teacher, Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini to the West in 1969. He is the founder of 3HO.

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