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The Bazaar is the market place of the festival, where vendors, healers and yogic organisations share their products and treatments, food and drinks, books and info for participants to dive deeper into yogic lifestyle and take away a little taste of heaven, a transformative experience or inspiration for the mind & soul.

This year the space will be combined with the evening concert area to create a thriving evening hub for the festival to relax after a day of yoga.

We offer a range of spaces and tents, to suit all budgets for people wishing to share their creative and nourishing gifts with the community. 
Its a great opportunity to interact with the sangat, and to explore your entrepreneurial side in a safe and comfortable environment. 


Products and services in the Bazaar aim to support healthy, happy and holy lifestyle, refreshments and experiences. The space is provided for attendees of the festival to share rather than as an exclusively commercial space.

Our vendors are usually an integral part of the festival, teaching and attending workshops, promoting yogic living and taking part in seva (selfless service) throughout the week. Bazaar is open in the evenings after dinner and stays open until bedtime. 


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