An invitation to teachers, musicians and space holders

The European Yoga Festival invites teachers, musicians and space holders from all over Europe and across the world to bring the best of kundalini yoga, mantra music and meditative experiences to the community.

Whether you’re teaching a normal yoga class, or meditation, giving a talk or an experience of Japa or Gong. We invite you to submit a proposal to share your knowledge, skills and innovation with the world.

We have multiple spaces & stages, indoor & out, in the fields and forests, chateaus and tents in which to facilitate your offering in the most professional way we can. ​

EYF is no ordinary festival...
we need YOUR help!

Our vision:

– to put the sangat and the communities they serve, back at the centre of the festival
– to enable the community to develop skills that are relevant to the time and space we find ourselves in
– to showcase the vastness of teachings and innovation around kundalini yoga
– make the festival a centre of learning for the community


We invite teachers and facilitators to propose workshops, courses, lectures and activities that offer knowledge and training in a number of key subject areas, split broadly across Happy, Healthy and Holy:

Healthy  – related to the body:
e.g. Kriyas focusing on body / organs / meridians, Yogic diet & lifestyle, Ayurveda & Natural medicine, Healing, Martial Arts, Growing food

Happy – related to the mind:
e.g. Psychology, Addictions, Mental states, Community, Educating Children, Mental health issues (eg. depression, suicide), Business mentoring

Holy – related to the spirit:
e.g. Meditation, Music / Naad / Vibration, Spiritual discourse, Silence, Deep connection, Dharmic teachings

This list is continuously evolving with some subjects crossing over and unrelated.

All will be assessed on their merits and relevance to the needs of the community, so do apply.

In addition to teaching yoga, there will be opportunities to share a more diverse range of Aquarian disciplines, to build broader skills sets to meet the challenges of the world, and to achieve a new level of mastery in the sangat, from the ground up.

We invite teachers to share workshops and lectures on yogic lifestyle aspects such as waking early, cold showers, singing mantras, sadhana etc, in recognition of the more subtle but incredibly transformative parts of the yogic experiences at the festival.

A 25% discount is offered for people who teach 1 or 2 classes, 50% discount for 3 or 4. Refunded after the festival minus booking fees.

*We ask that all applications are related in some way to kundalini yoga, yogic lifestyle and or dharmic living. 


If you have something specific that you’d like to offer that is connected to kundalini yoga or yogic lifestyles, that you would like to facilitate please get in touch. Examples have included Jappas, all-night gongs, group activities, interactive debates, unique meditative experiences, or something completely different, we will consider all offerings


Music is the bedrock of kundalini yoga and music fills the festival from sunrise to sunset.
There are opportunities to play in slots around the site, from waking up people every morning to huge evening concerts to hundreds of people as well as smaller intimate support of workshop classes, to motivating seva teams to chop veg.
There are also opportunities to share devotional kirtan in the gurdwara as well as impromptu sharing around the site.
Spaces will be provided to practice but please bring your own musical instruments. 

Aquarian Sadhana

The unique morning practice of kundalini yogis.
Consists of chanting of Japji Sahib, leading a kriya, and singing of mantras, usually outdoors with hundreds of people as the sun rises.
Please apply if you would like to share any aspect of this throughout the week.

All Camp Workshop

This year we will see the reintroduction of the All-Camp workshop – which will be a large workshop involving the whole festival, usually with live music. Please apply only if you are an experienced teacher who is comfortable holding the space for hundreds of people. Musicians can be arranged for you as required. We encourage topics that are relevant to the needs of the community. 









With the creative box we welcome your ideas. Whether they are organizational, relational or artistic, this festival is ours.

All the input from our sangat leads to a festival that is there to serve all of us. Thank you for your participation.

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