3rd - 11th August 2024, Chateau de Jambville near Paris.


All you need to prepare
for the European Yoga Festival

Plan for the weather

Although this area of France is often hot in the daytime, it can get cold at night. Be sure to bring warm clothes and shawls/blankets. Also bring rain gear, so that you can still enjoy the festival if it rains. Don’t forget a plastic groundsheet to protect your mat from the dew during early morning yoga and meditation.

Essentials to bring

Bring a plate, bowl, cutlery, cups for both hot and cold beverages. We sell talis (traditional Indian stainless steel plates) on site but bring your won bowl for the solstice soup breakfast.

Read more about the special food we serve during the festival:

For Sadhana, Workshops, Langar, White Tantric Yoga®

For yoga practice, bring a yoga mat, rug, or sheepskin. A plastic groundsheet can be useful to protect from damp or dew during early morning meditation. Don’t forget blankets and shawls for warmth. Wear layered clothing and comfortable shoes as you’ll be moving around and the location is spacious.

Please refrain from taking on site

Avoid bringing drugs, alcohol, cigarettes/vapes, or any flammable items like candles, incense, lighters, and matches. Also, refrain from bringing meat, pets/animals, aerosol sprays, and disposable plates and cups. Limit your electronic devices as there are few outlets for charging. Keep valuables to a minimum as there’s no safe place to store them.

Mobiles and Wifi

Disconnecting from digital devices can enhance your inner journey.

If necessary, the on-site wifi is reliable and free of charge. We’ve also set up a mobile charging station near the Info Booth at the centre of the festival during opening hours. Avoid charging devices outside these hours or in unsupervised areas within the camp.


There is a first aid post and a Crisis Intervention Team located in the castle.

Emergency hotlines for security first aid will be added soon.

Do's and dont's

To maintain harmony, we’ve established some rules. Please follow them consciously for a peaceful environment. These guidelines have evolved over time based on our experiences. Our aim is for everyone to embody the consciousness of yogis.


Practice yoga principles through respectful and compassionate actions.

Use provided toilets, not the forest.

Clean dishes only in designated areas, not at the waterstations

Respect our hosts, the scouts and refrain from public nudity due to children’s presence.

Dispose of food waste to prevent wasps

Bring only essential valuables

Inform the First Aid team of any allergies upon your arrival

Certain areas are off-limits. Refer to maps for allowed zones.


Strictly prohibited; violation leads to expulsion

Maintain silence between 10 PM and 05:00 AM.

Respect the scout camp and children present

Don’t bring meat to the site

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