Register for a Room, Bed, or Rent a Tent


The European Yoga Festival is primarily a camping event. The price of camping is included in the price of the festival (you bring your own tent, mattress and bedding). There is no need to reserve a spot for your tent. When you arrive, you can walk around the site and choose where you’d like to camp.


There are a limited number of locations for Camper Vans. These locations do not offer services like water, sewage disposal or electricity. Please speak to security at the main gate when you arrive. They will direct you towards the caravan parking.


A limited number of beds in Shared Rooms or Small Dormitories is made available to the festival by the management of Domaine de Jambville. Beds are not assigned, it is first come, first serve. Please note that no rooms have private bathrooms.

In all dormitories, blankets, sheets, and pillows are included. Towels are not provided.


If you are not able to bring your own tent, it is also possible to rent a tent for yourself or your group as long as our supply lasts. A camping pad is included in the rental fee, but no bedding.


Bed in 3 – 5 person Bedroom(Includes: Sheets, Pillow, Blanket or Duvet)(Not: Towels)

Bed in 10 – 24 person Dorm(Includes: Sheets, Pillow, Blanket or Duvet)(Not: Towels)


Tent Rental (Includes: camping pad)(Not: bedding)



Once you have registered and paid for the festival, if you would like to request a bed or tent, send a message below no later than June 29th. Please specify your preferred sleeping option and a back up option in case your first choice is no longer available. Include proof of your European Yoga Festival registration (i.e. confirmation email) and payment (i.e. paypal email) for you and each member of your family/group if reserving several beds or an entire room. You will be put in touch with the Rooms and Tents Coordinator who will make the booking arrangements with you. You will receive a Paypal Link to make your payment as all Bookings and Registration will only happen ONLINE. Your bed/room/tent reservation will not be confirmed until payment has been received. There will be no option to book a room, bed in a dorm or to rent a tent on site. Thank you for your understanding.


Beds, Tents and Rooms can only be rented for the full duration of the Festival

No early arrivals or late departures are allowed

No accomodations can be made until you have registered and paid for the festival
Beds must be reserved by June 30th. After that date, no more room reservations can be made.

Accommodation Application Form

  • Please detail names, registration numbers of each person and ages of children.
  • Your accommodation choices in order of preference

  • :
  • :
  • Please note: if you arrive after 7pm on the arrival day or on day 2, please let us know so that we will hold your bed reservation. Early arrival is only possible if you are doing a work exchange and your work exchange coordinator sends us their approval.

  • Please upload a screen grab image
  • Please upload a screen grab of the bank transfer or paypal confirmation

If you have any issues with the registration please contact