The European Yoga Festival is a community festival. It is thanks to its participants that the wheel turns and the festival has been rolling for the last 40 years.Some positions such as the main coordinators are paid positions but for the rest it is all thanks to the spirit of service of you all.Do you feel like being part of the organisation? Here are all the opportunities you can bring your expertise to and make your experience beneficial to all.



With the creative box we welcome your ideas. Whether they are organizational, relational or artistic, this festival is ours.

All the input from our sangat leads to a festival that is there to serve all of us. Thank you for your participation.

Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is organised into same language groups, called Misls. Karma Yoga is the essential service that lets the Festival run smoothly. With your …


JOIN US De Bazaar bestaat uit genezers en verkopers. Maak deel uit van de opwinding om de drukste ruimte van het hele festival, naast ...


Er is een beperkte mogelijkheid om korting te krijgen op de festivalkosten (Early Bird of Normale Prijs) door deel te nemen aan een Werkbeurs. ...