The children really enjoy the beautiful children’s camp space where they can freely play together in nature. For their amusement, we have a large outdoor play ground with swings, hammocks and a zip line.

In each language group there is a dedicated leader responsible for these younger children. Please be sure to connect with the team leader. Children can also enjoy art and crafts and there is a wonderful resource of materials and equipment for them to use. You may also be inspired to lead the children in games. Sometimes a group may venture into the forest for games or activities.

The first three days of camp include a schedule with a mixture of yoga, free play, and workshops in the morning and afternoon. On the Tantric days we organise an outing, and activities on the terrain.

General Schedule

Children’s camp is open from 9:00 to 16:30 – at 16:30, please pick up your child at the Big Top for the Tunnel of Love – an important moment where the whole camp comes together with the children.

On the final day of Camp, Peace Prayer Day, Children’s Camp will close after lunch.

Do you want to make a contribution to the children’s camp ? Fill this form. Thank you

You can also come and volunteer for the children’s camp for more hours and receive a discount on your festival ticket fee.

Note: All parents who have children in the camp are expected to do Seva for the Children’s Camp for half a day. We will also need some parents to join the outing on the Tantric day for a whole day. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. This will also be an opportunity to bond with your child on this special occasion.