Day 3 – August 8
CHRONIC STRESS, ANXIETY AND INSOMNIA - Sat Bir Singh SAT NAM RASAYAN – THE ART OF HEALING GONG OF BLISS - Ada Devinderjit Kaur PSOAS SELF-CARE - Jagat Prem The Happy Parkinsons - Satya Singh YOUR INNER CHILD HOLDS THE KEY - Nina Mongendre AQUARIAN LEADERSHIP - Ishwara Kaur THE POWER OF SPIRITUALITY AND SEXUALITY - Kirtan Rajdev Kaur CONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIPS: RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY - Paulline & Akah from Aykanna WHY KRI IS NOT THE KUNDALINI POLICE - Amrit Singh AWAKEN YOUR DIVINE VOICE - Kirpal Singh THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES - Mata Mandir Sigh Kalsa MEDITATION AND MINDFULNESS. PRACTICE-TECHNIQUES - Harpremjeet Kaur A JOURNEY INTO THE 5 DIMENSIONS OF ELEVATION - Hari Krishan Singh KUNDALINI YOGA – ORIGINS, LINEAGE & HISTORY - Guvinder Singh Akali THE MYSTICAL SECRETS OF THE GURMUKHI SCRIPT - Guru Gian Singh SAFE BACK BENDS/ FRONT BENDS - Simran Kaur Preventing Mega Information Syndrome - Kiranjot Kaur HEALTHY, HAPPY, HOLY HORMONES! - Jiwan Shakti Kaur 2 DAYS TO AWAKEN THE INNER HEALER - Lakhmi Chand Singh NAAD – THE SUBTLE EXPRESSION OF SELF - Siri Ram Kaur Khalsa SONGS FOR SOUL(CHOIR) ALL WELCOME! EMBODYING VOICE - Siri Sadhana Kaur OSTEOPATHY & KUNDALINI YOGA - Uli Wippler ALIGNING WITH DIVINE TIMING AND DIVINE SPACE - Siri Prakash Kaur Astrological Yoga - Amarpal Singh CREATING RITES OF PASSAGES - Charan Kamal Kaur ROCK YOUR MENOPAUSE INSTEAD OF BEING AT ITS MERCY - Bachtar Kaur SACRED SEXUALITY CIRCLE - Das Shakti Kaur STRENGTH OF A MAN : SPEAKING FROM THE UNKNOWN - Govind Bhajan Singh MEN´S CIRCLE - Devta Singh MOOL MANTRA – JOURNEY OF SELF-REALISATION - Angad Kaur GRIEF - Dharma Singh ACID BATH - Naam Hari Kaur SILVER AGE: KUNDALINI CHAIR-BASED YOGA - Raghurai Singh BREATHWALK - Siri Ram Kaur Sikh Martial Arts - Sant Subagh Singh Superhealth Addictions - Beant Kaur Diastasis Recti - Yola Gabers Using your Intuition - Sohan Kaur Dancing For Birth - Yola Gabers Divine Timing & Space - Siri Prakash Kaur Pregnancy Yoga - Various Teachers


In easy-to-understand language, this workshop/lecture will present an overview of modern biomedical research on yoga with special attention to Kundalini Yoga. We will review the biomedical scientific evidence for how yoga works, the clinical trials research, and the value/implications of yoga research in society and healthcare. Participants will appreciate how this knowledge can help with getting yoga classes into public venues, workplaces, fitness centers, schools, and healthcare institutions.


Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, PhD is Research Director for Yoga Alliance and Kundalini Research Institute and Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. He has done research on yoga for insomnia, stress, anxiety, and in workplaces and schools; he is a practitioner/instructor of Kundalini Yoga since 1973. He leads the annual Symposium on Yoga Research, is editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Yoga Therapy and chief editor of The Principles and Practice of Yoga in Health Care.


In this class, we will provide some practical tips on integrating spirituality and sexuality in your life. Many people tend to view these two aspects of life as separate entities when, in reality, they are deeply intertwined. By embracing both our spiritual and sexual selves, we can experience greater fulfillment and connection in all areas of our lives. This class will include practices like Shakti dance, Sound healing with Hang drums, Celestial Communication, Essential oils, and Neurographic art.


Amba Seva Harpriya Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga teacher from Berlin, who loves to share her knowledge and dance. She believes that movement is a powerful tool for healing and self-expression and feels honored to be able to share her passion for movement with the Sangat. Kirtan Rajdev Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and musician based in Cologne, Germany. She is passionate about helping people connect with their true nature through the Naad and experience the joy of living from the heart

GONG OF BLISS - Ada Devinderjit Kaur

Let the waves of sound frequencies flow through you, awaken your true self, and uplift you into the bliss of all-one. The gong is a holy instrument and is considered one of the most powerful ways to heal in a state of trance. Multiple gongs, played in synchronicity and with the same intention, are an overwhelming experience. The sound current heals blocks and stored pain, then opens consciousness to connect to the divine. Relax, tune in, and vibrate your soul's light.


Ada Devinderjit is a naturopath for holistic psychotherapy in Hamburg and Malente, Germany. In Nanak Dev Singh's heritage, she is practicing, teaching, and also researching on White Sound Gong meditation. Devinderjit is happy to re-unite gong graduates for Wahe Guru! sound voyages. Born in 1970, she also holds an MA in cultural anthropology and is the mother of an 18-year-old son.


Discover the amazing psoas muscles, not just a leg-torso connector but also an organ of perception like the tongue. Listen to its messages, release unhelpful patterns, and maintain a healthy psoas through body and movement awareness to enhance core integrity. Work with your psoas to overcome fears, unlock innate wisdom, and experience deep relaxation. This workshop offers exercises to maintain a healthy psoas and explore it further with core integrity exercises.


I create safe spaces to release tension and tune in to your body's needs. My coaching aims to resolve patterns that no longer serve you, reducing back pain, and improving overall health. My approach is grounded in deep relaxation, body and movement awareness, enhancing core integrity. I learned about the psoas muscle group from studying with Liz Koch. I offer a tempered approach to 3HO for all ages and fitness levels through my website Salland Yoga and the Psoas Practise Community.

The Happy Parkinsons - Satya Singh

It is true as predicted, neurological diseases are on the rise in the Age of Aquarius. I think each of us already knows people with Parkinson, MS, ALS or similar. Does Kundalini Yoga have some answer? YES, I THINK SO! However, it is NOT something easy like do 108 frogs instead of taking this pill. When you work on these heavy-duty diseases, you have to catch them on their moral, spiritual, and happiness aspect.

Sat Nam, Don't let it get you down, it's only castles burning, just find someone who is turning and you will come around...


My name is Satya Singh. I was the program director of this Festival until 3 years ago. I received my Parkinson's diagnosis in 2016.


Join us for an experiential workshop with Nina. How we treat our inner child reflects on every aspect of our lives. It is the foundation of our habits and of our self-worth. When we deny, reject, or criticize our own innocence and vulnerability, we hinder our capacity for authenticity and connection. Experience the embodied healing practices of family constellations. Reveal the current relationship between your adult self and your inner child, bringing deeper healing and acceptance to the past.


Nina was born in Hong Kong. When she was young, she spent time with Mother Teresa while her mother was volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity. Growing up in Paris, she was drawn to philosophy and art and pursued these interests further into her study of art history at Brown University and her work at Sotheby's. She has been teaching Kundalini yoga since 2007 and is the author of the Inner Child & Beyond Oracle deck and is writing a book about inner child and ancestral healing.


Our understanding and experience of Leadership is rapidly and fundamentally changing, from a Piscean framework to an Aquarian one. As more communities are established and our relationship to the feminine and masculine changes, we enter a new paradigm of leadership. We will explore what it means to lead from primarily a vertical framework to a more horizontal one. We will meditate and have a deep conversation.


Amongst other things, Ishwara is a Teacher of spirituality. She teaches with depth, clarity & a joyous sense of humour, creating a space of warmth & nourishment that invites the armour of protection to dissolve & the soul to reveal itself. She is Co-directrice of Ik Saran Dhian, School of Sacred Living & has been training & mentoring teachers for many years & she offers transformational programmes for women. She is a musician & dedicates her life in service of Universal Spiritual Teachings.


In this class, we will provide some practical tips on integrating spirituality and sexuality in your life. Many people tend to view these two aspects of life as separate entities when, in reality, they are deeply intertwined. By embracing both our spiritual and sexual selves, we can experience greater fulfillment and connection in all areas of our lives. This class will include practices like Shakti dance, Sound healing with Hang drums, Celestial Communication, Essential oils, and Neurographic art.


Amba Seva Harpriya Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga teacher from Berlin, who loves to share her knowledge and dance. She believes that movement is a powerful tool for healing and self-expression and feels honored to be able to share her passion for movement with the Sangat. Kirtan Rajdev Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and musician based in Cologne, Germany. She is passionate about helping people connect with their true nature through the Naad and experience the joy of living from the heart.


Conscious Relationships: Radical Responsibility. Discover the profound connection between conscious feelings and radical responsibility. Kundalini yoga and meditation prepare us to open the space to deepen connections. Experience emotional healing, authentic expression, and empowered connections with loved ones.


Aykanna is a musical duo known for their sacred and soulful, percussion-driven music. Stronger together, Pauline and Akah share their passions for living creative lives through sound and soul. Decades of devotion sculpted the sound of Aykanna, blending masculine and feminine: the deep roots of sacred chant traditions with the Spirit of song.


Why KRI is not the Kundalini Police: On making up kriyas, combining Kundalini Yoga with other traditions, etc. What is KRI doing, why, and how?


Amrit Singh Khalsa is a lead trainer and the CEO of the Kundalini Research Institute. He earned his PhD in Aeronautical Engineering from MIT and then worked within the 3HO legacy businesses and non-profit organizations for 11 years. He then spent 10 years as an executive in the Natural Foods industry, volunteering as a KRI board member, and teaching and training in Kundalini Yoga. He became an employee of KRI in 2017.


Workshop date: Tuesday, 8 August
Workshop time: Morning (11:00-13:00)
Location: Stretch

We are in a hypnotic trance.
Our senses are lost in our story and ego, eating our soul.
By training your senses, you might hear the quiet Voice of Soul, an inner Voice that will give you guidance and the power of the Great Spirit. Experience this connection. Experience your Self Sensory Body as your archangel. Awakening, protecting and glorifying your True Self. Sing and Bless the world with your Presence of the Great Divine Spirit.


Kirpal Singh’s interest in Spirituality dates back to his adolescent years, when he studied fire-spitting and juggling to become a clown. His aim was, and still is, to capture the poetry and the subtle, yet awe-inspiring, presence of the Divine: the Magic of Life. And to make it available to others through theatre, fun, yoga, and most before all music: mantra, shabad and raag. Kirpal Singh is a Level 1 and Level 2 Trainer, Karam Kriya Trainer and consultant, living in France.

THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES - Mata Mandir Sigh Kalsa

There are two types of sound in the universe. "Ahad" and "Anahad" sounds. Ahad sounds are of the physical world. "Anahad" is translated as unstruck melody. It is the sound of the very essence of creation vibrating throughout the entire creation. Christians call it the word, Sikhs the shabd, and Hindus the brahma Naad. In this class, we will practice the techniques to access this sound and what the spiritual wise men of many paths throughout history have said about it.


Mata Mandir Singh is an international teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Gatka, and has dedicated his life to the practice and teaching of Naad Yoga, the yoga of sound. A heartfelt singer/songwriter and skillful musician (guitar, Rabab, harmonium, table, mandolin, and cittern), he is a pioneer of the chant and mantra genre, having recorded around 30 CD and cassette titles since the 1970s. He is currently the music director of the Guru Ram Das Academy in Boizenburg Germany.


We will explore simple meditation techniques.
We will explore into the nature of the mind, the thoughts, and feelings.
We will reflect together about the importance of building simple but daily practices to sustain a happy and stable state of mind at all times and under all circumstances.
We will inquire into the nature of our true Self.


Kundalini Yoga Teacher (3HO)
Pregnant Women Teacher (3HO)
Sat Nam Rasayan (Level 1 and 2, 3HO)
Hatha Yoga Teacher (Yoga Vidya Germany)
Heilpraktikerin / health practitioner (psychology)
Lawyer (Argentina, Master in Human rights. LLM (European Law/The Netherlands))


A Journey into the 5 Dimensions of Elevation.
Join Hari Krishan Singh for an experiential exploration of the 14 Worlds and the 5 Dimensions of Elevation as described in the Scriptures. This will naturally lead us to a celebration of the Universal Light!
A combination of strong exercise, deep meditation, contemplation, mantra recitation, and relaxation based on the Teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Karam Kriya (Number Awareness), Patanjali, Sikh Dharma, and Yoga Nidra.


Hari Krishan Singh travels and teaches internationally as a Lead Level 1 & 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer and is a Karam Kriya Consultant, Yoga Coach, and Trainer. He is responsible for establishing many training programs around the world. With profound understanding and insight into the Teachings and an abundant sense of humor, Hari Krishan's infectious presence naturally puts people at ease. He brings the Teachings across in a way that is both light and deeply transformative.


This workshop will cover the history of Kundalini Yoga & its origins in the Singh Jogi (Lion Yogi) lineage of the Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa. It will start with a lecture on Sikh Yoga tradition Via Guru Nanak, its origins in the Sant movement of Medieval India, and a discussion on Kundalini Yoga's Lineage of teachers. Those present at this workshop will be empowered with the transmission of rare meditation and kriya techniques that are at the fundamental heart of Shabad centered practice.


Bhupinder Singh Nihang & Guvinder Singh Akālī are both Nihangs who hold the sacred transmission of the Khalsa's Meditative and Yogic metaphysical traditions. Bhupinder Singh Nihang has been a long-serving Sevadar of the 3ho community across the world, having met the Siri Singh Sahib when he was in his youth - which led him to meet the Nihang elders. Guvinder Singh is a research scholar; his teacher Nihang Baba Teja Singh was the brother of Sant Hazara Singh. He serves to preserve lineage.


In this workshop, we work with material from the Oral Tradition of the Udasi and the Nirmala tradition to uncover the secrets of the Gurmukhi script. We explore the relationship between the consonants and the chakras. From the Tantric Tradition, we learn the different effects of the vowels on our energetic bodies. This workshop will deepen your understanding of the Naad and Shabd Guru and will enlarge your appreciation of the Yogic Teachings of the Sikh Gurus.


Guru Gian (Jasper Kok) has more than 15 years of experience teaching yoga and meditation. Kundalini Yoga is Jasper's specialty, but he is open to all forms of yoga and meditation. Jasper is very experienced in guiding people and teaching transformational retreats. Jasper is also the initiator and owner of the Kundalini Yoga Club and has written the book The Kundalini Yoga (R)Evolution.


For many people, practicing Bow, Camel, or Cobra pose hurts the lower back, and they cannot do Wheel Pose. Please join me as we learn about the connection of bending forward and bending backward so you can grow yourself safely into these challenging Asana.


Simran, a Kundalini Yogi all her life, teacher for over 25 years, KRI Lead Trainer & Lead Trainer of Divine Alignment & The Heart Rules. She's an expert in the Asana, bandhs & alignment & has mastered many Meditations (1000 days). GuruPrem is an Expert Teacher of Asana & Posture & author of 'Divine Alignment' & 'The Heart Rules’, was an Elite gymnast & multi-modality body therapist, he brings awareness to our movement to better sit, stand & move comfortably & consciously. Simran & GuruPrem are musicians.

Preventing Mega Information Syndrome - Kiranjot Kaur

“Preventing Mega Information Syndrome”

Most people are witness to much suffering on a daily basis. Imagery of war, natural disasters, next to cute pictures of cats and AI generated human perfection floods our phones. The external world is full of opinion and well meaning advice and to those that have lost connection to their own inner compass it’s a deeply disorienting and overwhelming time.

It was said that Kundalini Yoga would become more relevant in the Aquarian Age! We know as practitioners just how effective it is. Come experience and learn this unusual 5 part affirmation, mantra mediation practice. Teach it in your classes and share it amongst your kundalini colleagues, it works every time.


Kiran means ray of light from the sun and jot is a vessel.
I went to my first Kundalini class in 2003 to tackle debilitating depression and realised straight away Kundalini was the cure. I started teacher training in 2004, and trained with Gurmukh, Guru Rattana, Guru Dev, Shiv Charan and Satya, Karta Singh and Carolyn Cowan.
After the birth of my son in 2007, I left my previous career in the media and started to attend births and teach yoga.


The possibility of being Healthy, Happy, Holy is within us. Everything happens here and now, in our bodies. In the brain, through our biochemistry thanks to the Happy Hormones! In this workshop, you will learn how the glandular system works and how the body shows it. By an individual test, you will discover the signals your body sends you, and learn how yogic changes in your lifestyle allow you to make a significant change to a richer healthy, happy, holy life. Be happy and make others happy too.


Jiwan Shakti is a KRI-certified Lead Trainer for Level 1, 2, and the 21 Stages of Meditation. Since our life on this planet is a human experience, the center of her studies has always been the human body. From different angles, including body language and the proper use of the brain by controlling our biochemistry for reaching a Health, Happy, Holy life. A scientific approach combined with knowledge of KY and a great communicative talent led her to teach in Europe, North Africa, Latin America.


We all carry an inner healer. There are myths and legends that create a lot of insecurity, as honesty makes you not want to be an impostor while also striving for tangible results.

Healing is not about performing miracles, although they can happen.

Over the course of 2 days, we will work on the fears of the healer, grounding common myths and fears to give them a real and spiritual purpose.

Then, we will delve into the deep space of the divine and healing to recognize the Healing Soul, and we will practice a beautiful pranic healing technique in pairs.

These two days will be dedicated to letting go of fear and insecurity, gaining confidence, and recognizing the healing soul that we all possess.

I look forward to seeing you and wishing you a healing and divine journey.


Sat Nam, I am Lakhmi Chand, a healer, and yoga practitioner. I am the founder of the 1st School of Healing Hand (Yogic Massage) in Europe since 2012. I currently teach training courses on healing and yogic massage. In addition, I have been a Kundalini teacher for 19 years and I have been part of KRI as an associate trainer until 2 years ago. My mission is to inspire people to join their divine purpose and lovingly serve the will of God.


The vibration of your own voice has the energy to heal yourself from the inside, reconnecting all cables and pieces that may have separated in the path of life. In this workshop, we will explore meditations and experiences which will give you again a sense of wholeness and unity, through your own true sound. In this workshop, we will merge deep in the sound of our voice, a tool to reach a deep state of meditation and bliss.


Siri Ram studied as an Architect; she is a Lead Trainer for 1st and 2nd level and 21 Stages KRI trainings, and for Conscious Pregnancy®. She practices Kundalini Yoga since 1991 and Sat Nam Rasayan since 1993, becoming a Professional healer in 2005. She studied Numerology since 1993 and started creating Personalmalas® (Japa Mala) in 1997. She has been studying Naad Yoga and Gurbani Sangeet with Bhai Baldeep Singh (New Delhi) since 1996.


Harmonize through voice and body, creating bonds through vocal creativity and play - Singing, harmonies, and chants start forming connections to ourselves + the community. Through sounding and chanting we tune, resonate, elevating aspects of ourselves. As we begin to harmonize in the group, we become the instrument, giving voice + life to disowned parts of ourselves. On a journey toward our wholeness, we can make sound a priority, using and experiencing our voice as a tool for deepening connection.


I am a Kundalini Yoga + meditation teacher and lead teacher trainer, a touring mantra recording artist, and a dancer who loves embodying the sacred through movement, melody, and rhythm. As a musician, I run sound and gong bath events and have recorded an eclectic mix of 9 music and mantra albums available as downloads. Sharing music and the timeless teachings of Kundalini yoga + indigenous technology, I encourage others to dance + sing their joyful depths, incorporating ceremony to consciously awaken.


A fascinating look at the fundamentals of structural healing through the brain and the electromagnetic field. Specifically the pathways that dis-ease takes to manifest in the body and how kundalini yoga can regenerate it. You will learn how to use a kinesiology test to identify energy loss in the body to verify the results of your self experimentation.


The world pulses energy, creativity, power, and magic playing together in a beautiful harmony of timing and flow. Learn to attune yourself with the biorhythm of the planets, understanding their tattvas, language & cycles. Learn techniques to generate strength and healing by connecting to the energy grid of the earth, making use of the magnetic field using techniques of Vastu. Practice purifying exercises & pranayama to release the blockages of the Nadis, opening the channels to source energy.


Siri Prakash is a Vedic Astrologer, Vastu Consultant, Teacher Trainer, and founder of the Golden Shield Institute. Teaching across ten countries over the last 20 years with a grounded focus in Vedic and yogic sciences. Helping to guide people in their growth and challenges to realize their full potential and set themselves free.

Astrological Yoga - Amarpal Singh

By practicing different breath patterns, rhythmic walks, and concentration, you will be guided to experience the energy frequencies of the Sun/Moon and Mars/Venus planetary archetypes as seen in your birth chart. You will discover how to read your energy better and tune empathically to others, as well as consciously shift your energy frequency by changing your breath, adjusting your posture, and refining your body awareness, which will help you establish more flexible boundaries.


Amarpal has been a meditator and student of perennial wisdom since his youth in California. He studied literature, philosophy, and counseling psychology at university and now works as an integral psychotherapist, evolutionary astrologer, and Kundalini Yoga teacher. He enjoys guiding people through the hidden depths of their psyches and accompanying them as they discover, accept, and integrate subconscious parts. He lives at Anima Mundi, a Center for Art, Ecology, and Consciousness in Argentina.


Whether you are a young woman bleeding for the first time, or the mature wisdom that old age gives you, women from all stages of life have an innate capacity to create their own ritual to mark an important moment in life. During this creative workshop, we will collectively explore what is needed for a meaningful ritual. What are the essential ingredients? What qualities and skills are needed? And maybe, we might even create an unforgettable experience...


In tribal communities all over the world, important life events were celebrated with ritual and ceremony. These rites of passages served the individual transformation as well as the community at large. This workshop is initiated by Charan Kamal Kaur from the Netherlands but set up as a collective effort to create meaningful rituals, specifically in the life of women. Charan Kamal is a Teacher, Doula, and Trainer, and she is passionate about gardening and herbs. You can find more information about her at


Ladies, it's time to take charge and rock your menopause instead of letting it rock you! Menopause may seem daunting, but with the right mindset and understanding plus healthy habits, you can conquer it like a boss. We are going to reveal together why menopause is not an "evolutionary mistake" or a curse, but a rich transition in a woman's life, offering amazing gifts for personal growth and self-discovery... in some cases beyond imagination!


Bachitar Kaur teaches in Europe, Asia, and Australia. She is a Lead Trainer with the Aquarian Trainer Academy as well as a Karam Kriya consultant and trainer. She is co-founder of the international yoga school Cherdi Kala and of Yogahouse Prasaad. Being a strong advocate of female awakening, she specializes in women's teachings, has co-developed the Divine Woman Program, and today is a mentor for women in transformative life-periods such as pregnancy or menopause. She is a mother of two boys.


Join us in the Red Tent for a circle dedicated to sexuality, where we can speak up, listen, witness, and meet each other as women. Sexuality is both the gateway of the conscious and the subconscious. It is an aspect of life that is often filled with taboos and personal challenges, but it is also the temple of the most intimate intimacy and the source of creative life force.

In this gathering, we come together to invite and honor the deep breath of life and more vulnerability into our intimacy. Consciously lived sexuality invites deep resourcing and strengthens the heart. It radiates beyond the sexual encounter and brings devotion, unity, and peace to all our relations.

Teacher's Bio

"Wherever you are & whatever you do, be in love." - Rumi
I am a Yogini & tantrika, especially supporting women to awaken their self-healing forces through the inner wisdom of the body. My intention is to align on all levels with the intelligence of nature to remember the sacredness and wholeness that we are, to bring care into our present communities and relationships, and to offer a nourishing ground to the next generations.

Holistic School of Life Artemisia (with Prithi Nivas Kaur):


Join us in this transformative workshop where we will explore the power of communication and how to shift our approach to create new possibilities. Many times, we unknowingly limit ourselves and others with our words, but here, we will learn how to turn around our communication. Instead of restricting, our words can open up new doors and expand the realm of possibilities.

Discover how to be true to yourself in every moment and communicate authentically from a place of inner truth and aliveness. To achieve this, we need a clear sense of who we really are, a deep connection to our perceptions, and an understanding of our subconscious strategies.

Teacher's Bio

Govind Bhajan resides in the French Alps and delves into the depths of Kundalini Yoga with a focus on Nāad Yoga. Certified in KRI Level 1 and 2, he serves as an associate teacher trainer in the school Ajai Alai Awakening. His exploration lies in the meditative side of the tradition, emphasizing Sat Nām Rasayan as a means to connect to the core teachings through silence and sound. As a father of a young son, he also expresses his passion for music with multiple mantra albums released under his label GBS Records.

MEN´S CIRCLE - Devta Singh

Men´s circle
a gathering of men to honour our masculine energy.
a place of sharing and connecting.
be humble, be real, be you.


Devta Singh is a Karam Kriya Consultant, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer (KRI). Together with his family he lives in Portugal and serves the community as part of the Association Ram Dass Guru. He speaks German, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.


The Mool Mantra is a compass that points towards self-realisation. It directs us to the inner pilgrimage of the soul as it progresses on its journey of awakening. We will explore and experience the universal principles of creation embodied in the Mool Mantra through sacred numerology, guided visualisation, and a deeply immersive Naad meditation.


Based in the UK, Angad Kaur is a Level 1 & 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer, a consultant in Karam Kriya Numerology and Sacred Yoga Therapy, a Sikh Chaplain and mentor to teachers and artists. Angad continues to be inspired by how these timeless, dynamic teachings support people from all walks of life to make meaningful life transitions and prosper in their full potential.

GRIEF - Dharma Singh

Final part of the series looking at Grief
A workshop for sharing and understanding the process of life. We will keep it very practical due to how can we help and support myself and the person who dies. What can I practically do if the beloved one is dead. How can I understand the natural process of Grief and find a healing way for myself and for the relatives and friends.


Dharma Singh praktiziert KY seit 40 Jahren und beschäftigt sich ebenso lange mit dem Thema Sterben und Tod. Als Bestatter hat er seit 22 Jahren ein spirituelles Bestattungsinstitut in dem er die Verstorbenen und deren Angehörige liebevoll in deiser Krise begleitet und praktisch unterstützt. Seit vielen Jahren unterrichtet er in Ausbildungen Sterben und Tod. Er ist verheiratet, hat 5 Kinder und 6 Enkel. Mit seiner Frau leitet er zusammen die Pranajio Academy.

ACID BATH - Naam Hari Kaur

Review Update of the relationship between the concept of acidic bath and baby's neural development


The ageing process is inevitable, and many yoga teachers will tell you that if your spine is inflexible or stiff at 30, you are ageing fast. If it is flexible and bendy at 60, you can keep young, agile, and healthy. The Silver Age: Chair-Based Yoga workshops are for teachers and students of Kundalini Yoga who wish to experience or develop useful skills that they can practice safely with older adults and people with some mobility problems.


Raghurai Singh is a L1 & L2 lead teacher trainer of Kundalini Yoga in the UK and Spain. He has been teaching Silver Age yoga at Adult Education Schools, Day Centres, Care Homes, and Hospitals in London since 2002. He created the Silver Age: Kundalini Chair-Based Yoga program with He works as a freelance psychotherapist (MSc) and clinical supervisor at NGOs in London and is also a Karam Kriya Consultant.

BREATHWALK - Siri Ram Kaur

BreathWalk combines simply walking, rhythm breath patterns, and meditative awareness. It's a gentle, relaxing while also energizing breathing and walking. BreathWalk comes from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga. BreathWalk is simple and can be learned at every age.

Every walk is split into five parts: awaken... align... vitalize... balance... integrate. One of the 20 walks strengthens the energy reserves, and another transforms depression into clearness and connection.


During my study (1985 - 1990), I traveled to India and practiced Hatha Yoga, Shivananda Yoga, Power Yoga, Asthanga yoga. In 2001 I went to Satya Singh for a Kundalini Yoga class, and I was so touched that I decided to do the teacher training. Since 2002, I'm teaching Kundalini Yoga. Teachers for Aquarius with Satya Singh and Kartha Singh in France, 3HO SuperHealth Workshop Mukta Kaur Khalsa, NVC in Germany and India, Yoga festival in Ram Das Puri in New Mexico, BreathWalk training 2009...

Sikh Martial Arts - Sant Subagh Singh

In this extraordinary martial art, which is thousands of years old, inner "yogic" methods, fascia, gravitation and BhujangMa (Kundalini energy) are used.

Particular focus is placed on bandhas such as khumb (diaphragm) and muur (shoulder position) to gain strength, agility as well as suppleness and thus speed.

You too can learn the ancient art of the spiritual warriors of the Sikh Khalsa and use the benefits of this martial art in all areas of life.

Teachers Bio

Santa Subagh Singh came into contact with both traditions and spirituality at an early age through his Indian father, a Sikh from the Punjab and his Bavarian mother.
The martial spiritual of the Sikhs as well as Bhangara dance and Gurbani were also born.
Early on he was enthusiastic about various martial arts and trained intensively for years in WT Kung Fu until, after a long stay in India, he found his teacher Nanak Dev Singh in Berlin.
In 2003 he started to learn Kundalini Yoga, Gong, Gatka and ShastarVidiya from Grandmaster Nidar Singh Nihang.
Since 2008 he has been building up the Tri-Guna-Ashram in Berlin and has consistently headed the Baba Buddha Gurudwara Sahib Berlin.
In 2010 Santa Subagh Singh was accepted into the order of the Chardhikala Nihang Singh Khalsa of the Baba Buddha Dal Fauj in Raqba Sahib / Punjab.
In 2013 his teacher put him in charge of the Gatka-Akharas-Berlin, since then he has been teaching authentically in the tradition of his master lines in Germany, Poland, Siberia, India and France.
The well-being of this creation and all its living beings is very important to him.

Superhealth Addictions - Beant Kaur

Discover practical techniques to heal from the effects of harmful substances and addictive behaviors. During this instructive and experiential workshop, you'll have a chance to self-reflect on your own addictive tendencies, connect with others, and learn aspects of the SuperHealth System that can promote your own healing. The workshop will include Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and discussion. SuperHealth will be represented by Beant Kaur (Italy).

Teachers Bio

With an approach based on yogic science, SuperHealth is on the cutting edge of recovery protocols. The technology incorporates Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, meditation, specific breathing, nutrition restoration with therapeutic juice formulas. The system addresses the root cause of dependency often found as spiritual disconnection. Active for 50 years, SuperHealth trains Kundalini teachers and other wellness providers in the yogic technology that helps people overcome addictive behavior.

Diastasis Recti - Yola Gabers

We will learn an effective hands-on technique to close the gap in the belly muscles. We will practice simple exercises that anyone can do. This “openness” in the center line can cause physical problems, energy loss and spiritual difficulties. Lets share this knowledge of how to close the gap in the belly because a strong navel centre - a strong woman.

Using your Intuition - Sohan Kaur

In this workshop we connect, we go in resonance with each other and tune in to each others Birthsecret - your Soul potential and Life Purpose
You will feel and experience what stops you from unfolding .
It is a process of finding your personal yogic key; to directly experience your Healing force and Guidance.
Fogo Sagrado is a healing Technic for personal development where we can give everything a voice.

In this Workshop we read your energy field. We find out what inner conflicts are holding you back from living your highest potential. We transform the blockages into gifts and learning tasks and raise your energy level.
We show you how to use your Intuition to find the right Kundalini Yoga Mantra, Yoga Kriya or Medition to integrate the healing process. In German & English

Dancing For Birth - Yola Gabers

Dancing For Birth™ is for pregnant women and parents with baby/toddler. Please come also if you have the desire for a baby so you can connect to the creative force. Really the class is open for everyone to join and have fun! We‘ll dance to rhythms of the world, celebrate each other and also relax and enjoy comfort measures. In our circle we will share essentials about pregnancy, giving birth and parenting. Bond with the baby in the womb or carrier cloth. Awaken your own (birth) instincts.

Divine Timing & Space - Siri Prakash Kaur

The world pulses energy, creativity, power, and magic. It's living all around us and within us. We only have to train our senses to recognize it and then know how to tap into it.

Ignite the reservoir of your radiance and magnetic field by aligning with the mystical elements of nature.

Learn techniques for attuning with the planets and their Tattvas, understanding their rhythms, cycles, and elements within us. How to direct and utilize their energies merging with the infinity of our soul and our destiny path.

Discover the elements and patterns within our environments using Vastu and Geomancy techniques to create harmony and flow. To build and anchor your power and healing by connecting to the energy grid of the earth.

Over the course of this workshop, we will:

  • Practice purifying exercises and pranayama to release the blockages of our Nadis, opening the channels to our source energy.
  • Work with our Tattvas to open ourselves to the flow of grace and our intuitive being.
  • Learn the Tattvas and yogic cycles of the planets.
  • Learn techniques on the science of spaces (Vatsu-Geomancy)

Freeing our energy reservoirs, we experience our ability to uplift the state of our entire being and harmonize our environment. Connecting us to unlimited energy storage of life and lifeforce. Unlocking a clear experience of our identity, merging with our soul's infinity and destiny path.

Pregnancy Yoga - Various Teachers

Pregnancy is a time of creating a vessel for a new life, a new reality, we are gestating a seed of life.
Pregnancy can happen without much of women’s conscious participation, but if we consciously direct the consciousness to participate in the creation of consciousness then this anchors absolutely different experience and existence for the new soul. It’s like building a home from whatever you can find handy or building it from the best materials with best architect and best builders who love their work. End result will be different. To get there The woman has to realise herself not as an ordinary person, but the highest divine expression worthy of living in the palace and giving birth to a Saint-Prince or Saint-princess. First of all woman has to raise her own vibration. This is a daily task. How to achieve this? Through daily spiritual practice.